Operating with Respect eLearning module


The Operating with Respect eLearning module has been developed by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), and shared with RANZCOG, to support an ongoing commitment in promoting appropriate behaviours in surgical practice and training.

The importance of improving a work environment to one that is psychologically safe for both clinicians and patients will ultimately result in safer care for patients, better standards of surgical training and service provision.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

identify acceptable standards of professional behaviour in the healthcare setting

identify the principles within legislation relating to discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment

identify what unacceptable behaviour looks like in healthcare, and specifically in surgical settings

recognise the impacts of unacceptable behaviour on individuals, team performance and patient safety

recognise stressors that may contribute to unacceptable behaviour, and understand how to better manage these

recognise the professional responsibility to speak up when exposed to unacceptable behaviours

identify intervention strategies and responses to unacceptable behaviours

locate resources to support yourself and others in addressing unacceptable behaviours within the workplace

eLearning access

The Operating with Respect module is available to all RANZCOG trainees and Fellows via the eLearning platform, Acquire.


Please contact the eLearning Support team with any general enquiries relating to the Operating with Respect eLearning module.

Email: elearningsupport@ranzcog.edu.au

15 August 2022