Fellowship of RANZCOG examinations

Find everything you need to know about examinations for the Fellowship of RANZCOG specialist training program.

Dates and registration

Trainees undertaking the Fellowship of RANZCOG (FRANZCOG) training program must complete a written and oral examination.

All examination and registration dates for 2022 have been confirmed, as detailed in the table below. A link to an online registration form will be visible if applications are currently open for your preferred examination date.

Written examination

Examination dateApplications openApplications closeRegistration link
Cycle 1
31 Jan 2022

30 September 2021

2 November 2021

Cycle 2
25 July 2022

1 March 2022

31 March 2022


Oral examination

Examination dateApplications openApplications closeRegistration link
Cycle 1
27 March 2022

30 September 2021

2 November 2021

Cycle 1
28 August 2022

4 February 2022

27 February 2022

Cycle 2
16 October 2022

1 March 2022

31 March 2022


Applications close at 5:00 PM AEST. Late applications will not be accepted.

Specialist International Medical Graduates who wish to sit the written and oral examinations in the same semester must apply for both examinations by the stipulated closing dates.

For more information on examination dates and registration, please contact the Examinations and Assessment team at: assessment@ranzcog.edu.au.


Examination fees are payable in Australian dollars (AUD), and are not subject to Australian GST.

Examination fees
FRANZCOG Written Examination
Payable when registration confirmed
FRANZCOG Oral Examination
Payable when registration confirmed

Online application process

To finalise your examination application, you will need to:

submit your application form, including payment details for the examination fee — please see the Dates and Registration section above

advise the Examinations and Assessment team via email if you have a sponsor for the examination: assessment@ranzcog.edu.au

Once you’ve submitted your application, you will receive email communication from the College to:

acknowledge your application and payment

confirm your eligibility to sit the examination (sent out 2–3 weeks after applications have closed)

If you wish to withdraw from an examination after submitting your application, please contact the Examinations and Assessment team via email: assessment@ranzcog.edu.au.

Before submitting your application, please refer to the RANZCOG Regulations (sections C4–C6 on the FRANZCOG Written and Oral Examinations) for more information on topics such as eligibility, availability of places and withdrawals.


In 2020, the College transitioned to online oral examinations to address issues caused by COVID-19. If your preferred oral examination is oversubscribed due to a high volume of applications and/or capacity restrictions, the College will allocate places based on:

special considerations and exceptional circumstances

priority criteria approved by the RANZCOG Board

According to this approved criteria, priority will be given to trainees who:

are subject to Progression Review Committee conditions

commenced training prior to 1st December 2013

have 184 weeks of satisfactorily approved credited training time

have 138 weeks or more of satisfactorily approved credited training time

are Specialist International Medical Graduates

have the most satisfactorily approved credited training time at the time of registration (i.e. but less than 138 weeks)

If there are still more applications than places once the above criteria have been applied, and there is a group of trainees with equal training time, the College will:

conduct a ballot to allocate the remaining places

create a reserve list for trainees not allocated a place

Please refer to the RANZCOG Regulations for more information on eligibility requirements:


Trainees undertaking the FRANZCOG training program must complete a written and oral examination.

Any requests for examination accommodations must be made by an application for special consideration, accompanied by evidence of the exceptional grounds for the application.

Written examination

The FRANZCOG written examination uses a combination of short-answer and multiple-choice questions to assess your knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

Both components of the written examination are administered electronically.

Short-answer component
(relative weighting: 64%)
Part 1:
6 questions
90 marks2 hours
30 minutes
Part 2:
6 questions
90 marks2 hours
1 hour
Multiple-choice component
(relative weighting: 36%)

100 questions

100 marks

2 hours


280 marks

7 hours 30 minutes

Oral examination

The FRANZCOG oral examination is delivered online using a structured oral examination format.

10 stations, each involving:

– 4 minutes for reading
– 12 minutes for examination
– 20 marks

Total: 200 marks
2 hours 40 minutes

At each station, you will be assessed according to a global (holistic) scoring method, against a combination of the following domains:

History and examination

Investigations and interpreting results


Clinical knowledge

Complex, urgent or unusual clinical presentations

Appropriate prioritisation of patient management

Rapport with patient, support person and/or colleague

Respect of patient, support person and/or colleague

Communication skills


Trainees can access a range of general and specific resources to prepare for the FRANZCOG examinations.

General resources

Written examination resources

Pearson VUE

The written examination is administered by Pearson VUE.

More information about the online examination system is available via the Pearson VUE website.

RANZCOG online assessment portal

Additional resources for the written examination can be found via the RANZCOG online assessment portal, including:

Short-answer question examination guide

reviews of recent questions

commentaries from examination coordinators

an overall indication of what is expected

Multiple-choice examination questions

access to 100 multiple-choice examination questions from the RANZCOG question bank

questions may appear in the written examination

Examination revision courses

The College organises written examination revision courses. For more information, please contact your local office in Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand.

Oral examination resources

Previous examination summaries

Summaries from previous oral examinations are available via the links below.

Please note that these previous examinations followed a different format to the current oral examination.


Trainees will find out the release date for results at a pre-examination seminar.

On this date, you will be able to access your results by logging into Integrate with your five-digit RANZCOG ID number and your password.

The College recommends accessing your Integrate account well before the release date to confirm your login details. To reset your password, please click the ‘Forgotten password’ link.

Please note that the College has a number of checks in place to ensure that all examination results are correct prior to release. As such, the College does not remark examinations unless a procedural error has been identified.

Policies and procedures

The below policies relate to examinations and may be of interest. More information on examinations can also be found in the RANZCOG Regulations (sections C4–C6 on the FRANZCOG Written and Oral Examinations).


Exceptional Circumstance, Special Consideration and Reconsideration Policy
Individuals are able to apply for variation to the normal requirements on the grounds of…
Recording of Assessments Policy
This policy defines the; purpose, scope, access, and retention terms relating to all recordings obtained…
RANZCOG Release of Examination Results Policy
The purpose of this policy is to outline the manner in which results for RANZCOG…
RANZCOG Examinations Emergency Policy
The approach taken by RANZCOG to address the occurrence of a an emergency during an…


Technical support

For technical support relating to examination applications and results, please contact: help@ranzcog.edu.au or 03 9114 3905.

General enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact the Examinations and Assessment team via email at: assessment@ranzcog.edu.au

Our team can assist you with:

withdrawing an examination application

rescheduling an examination (due to COVID-19 or another reason)

examination accommodations and special consideration

examination sponsorship (e.g. workplace support )


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