Certification in Maternal Fetal Medicine (CMFM)

The Certification in Maternal Fetal Medicine (CMFM) will equip you with the expert knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat patients with complicated pregnancies, and to ensure a continuum of excellence in care from the fetal to newborn periods.


Maternal fetal medicine is a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynaecology.

A subspecialist in maternal fetal medicine is a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology possessing the Fellowship of RANZCOG (FRANZCOG) who has successfully completed an additional prescribed program of training in the area of maternal fetal medicine.

This activity requires advanced knowledge of the obstetrical, medical and surgical complications of pregnancy and their effect on both the mother and the fetus. It requires expertise in the most current approaches to diagnosis and treatment of patients with complicated pregnancies and also requires a setting where requisite technical support is available.

The subspecialist will spend at least 66% of their time in the subspecialty / maternal fetal medicine.

Personnel with advanced knowledge of newborn adaptation are also necessary to ensure a continuum of excellence in care from the fetal to newborn periods.

Training documents and resources

Please click through the training and assessment requirements below for specific forms and documentation, as well as general guides and resources.

Certification in Maternal Fetal Medicine (CMFM) Training
Program Handbook

Current CMFM subspecialists

Please follow the link below for a full list of current CMFM subspecialists:

Training units

For a full list of subspecialty accredited training units and Program Directors for each subspecialty training program, please follow the link below to our Training Sites and Units page.

Apply for Prospective Approval (PA)

Each year, you must apply for Prospective Approval of your training program, including clinical and research experience, at least eight weeks before you intend to commence training.

How to apply


Download and complete the following documents:


Submit all documents via email to the relevant Subspecialty Committee.


Pay the full annual training fee by 31st January (or as otherwise advised if you’re commencing training in August).

Changes to approved training

If you wish to make changes to your current approved prospective approval form, you must submit a new prospective approval document to your Training Program Coordinator for approval by the relevant Committee Chair.

Please submit this document prior to commencement of subspecialty training with the Year 1 prospective approval application.

Training Assessment Record (TAR)

Please follow the links below for more information:

Formative Appraisal Report (FAR)

Please follow the link below for more information:

Assessment of Procedural Skills (APS)

Please follow the links below for more information:

Biostatistics and research methods course

Please follow the links below for more information:

Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (DDU)

More information on this qualification is available through the Australasian Society for Ultrasound Medicine.

Hybrid In-Hospital Clinical Examination (IHCE) — new model

What’s new?

Welcome to the new-look hybrid IHCE for 2023. The College encourages trainees and training supervisors to review the Information and Resources section below to familiarise themselves with the following changes:

IHCE model: Hybrid format

IHCE assessment (NEW): Ultrasound technique and Doppler ultrasound assessment

IHCE ultrasounds (REVISED): 12-week, mid-trimester and third-trimester scoring has been reviewed and updated

Information and resources

Please follow the links below for more information on the new hybrid IHCE model (effective September 2022).

How to apply

Please note that applications are open from Monday 12th December 2022.


Complete the Hybrid In-Hospital Clinical Examination (IHCE) Application Form (once registrations have opened).


Press the ‘submit’ button and your completed application form will be sent to the relevant Subspecialty Coordinator.

Please note that you must:

Complete BOTH of the following requirements before applying to make your first attempt at the IHCE:

Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound (DDU): Part 1

At least 46 weeks FTE of prospectively approved and satisfactory training

Satisfactorily complete the IHCE prior to completing 138 weeks of clinical training

Scholarly elective

For more information about the scholarly elective, and to apply for prospective approval, please visit our Subspecialty Training General Information page.

Post-Year 3 training

Annual Registration and Statement of Understanding (SoU)

Please follow the steps below to submit your Post-Year 3 training registration form.


Click the ‘apply’ button below to complete the combined Subspecialty Post-Year 3 Registration and Statement of Understanding (SoU) online form.


Press the ‘submit’ button within the form.


Pay the Post-Year 3 annual training fee by 31st January (or as otherwise advised if you’re commencing training in August).

Post-Year 3 progress reports

During Post-Year 3 training, you must submit a progress report every six months post-clinical training, and thereafter every six months, until all requirements are completed, and you are eligible to apply for certification.

Please follow the link below to download the progress report form.

Key submission dates

Please follow the link below to explore key submission dates for prospective approvals (PA), formative appraisal reports (FAR) and training assessment records (TAR).

Member wellbeing and support

A range of wellbeing services are available to trainees experiencing professional or personal difficulty during training.

Training support plans

Please click the links below for more information:


As a starting point, please contact your CMFM Training Program Coordinator.

CMFM Training Program Coordinator

Email: cmfm@ranzcog.edu.au 
Phone: +61 3 9412 2956

Other useful contacts include:

Examinations and Assessment Team

Email: assessment@ranzcog.edu.au

Training Support Unit

Email: traineeliaison@ranzcog.edu.au 
Phone: +61 8 6102 2096


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