What is a verification check?

At the end of each CPD triennium, 7% of Fellows are randomly selected for a verification check of the CPD they have claimed during their 3-year CPD period. 

Fellows must retain documented evidence of their participation in CPD activities. Templates are available in the Resources section of CPD Online. Verification documents may be uploaded to and stored in Fellows’ individual CPD Online profiles. It is recommended that Fellows maintain this online repository by uploading relevant documentation following an activity.

It is recommended that all Fellows retain their verification documentation in accordance with the Registration Standards/Requirements of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).


Selected Fellows are required to provide verification documentation as evidence of their participation in their logged activities. It is only necessary to substantiate 150 of the total hours accrued, including at least 38 hours in each of the three domains.

Subspecialists selected for a verification check are also required to substantiate at least 100 hours in the area of their subspecialty. In addition to the 100 hour subspecialty requirement, CGO, CREI and CU subspecialists will be required to provide evidence of the following: 

CGO – Participation in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (min. 1 hour).

CREI – Subspecialty checklist to be signed and uploaded.

​CU – Subspecialty checklist to be signed and uploaded.

Fellows who have previously been selected are not exempt from verification checks in future CPD periods.
Fellows who are one week (or more) overdue submitting their CPD requirements will be automatically selected for a verification check.
Fellows who fail to provide verification of their CPD activities within a nominated timeframe, will be referred to the Fellowship Review Committee (FRC).


RANZCOG worksheets & templatesConference invitations, invoices or brochures
Certificates of attendanceAgendas / programs
Signed letters from meeting organisers or Heads of DepartmentAny documentation with identifying patient information
Log of medical journals/articles readDiary entries

Worksheets and templates

The College has developed a number of easy to use worksheets and templates to help you document your CPD activities and they are available under the CPD Resources tab in the CPD Online portal.


If you have any questions please contact our CPD team:

Email: cpd@ranzcog.edu.au