COVID-19: Hospital Accreditation FAQs

Updated Tuesday 31 March 2020

How will hospital accreditation visits be conducted, given current restrictions on travel and social distancing requirements?

All physical accreditation visits due to the end of September 2020 have been deferred until after that time. The RANZCOG Board has approved the development and implementation of a process to conduct ‘virtual’ visits during this period, using a combination of paper-based reports and Zoom web conferencing.

Our site is due for an accreditation visit before the end of September 2020. What do we do next?

Sites due for a visit will be contacted by RANZCOG's accreditation team to discuss next steps. Accreditation may be deferred, or a virtual accreditation visit/meeting prioritised on an as-needs basis.

I am a training supervisor and my unit is experiencing some issues, can I request a ‘virtual’ visit?

Of course, please contact the Accreditation Unit at: [email protected].

My hospital is not due an accreditation visit, but we have a progress report due. Have the processes for progress reports been impacted by COVID-19?

No, the progress report process will ideally continue as normal but hospitals should inform the College of challenges they forsee and we will accommodate requests.

What is a 'virtual' visit?

A 'virtual' accreditation visit will encompass the use of the use of Zoom web conferencing to interview trainees, training supervisors, consultant staff and multidisciplinary staff in an O&G Department. Where internet facilities are not available, interviews may be conducted by teleconferencing. The interviewers will include a Lead Fellow, a Trainee Representative and a member of the Accreditation Unit at RANZCOG.




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