Updated Tuesday 31 March 2020

Will there be FRANZCOG Trainee Selection in Australia and/or New Zealand in 2020?

Yes. Selection cycles for the FRANZCOG Training Program in both New Zealand and Australia will go ahead using web-based interviews. Adjustments will be required and are currently being discussed. Updates will be communicated as soon as available.

Can you provide more information about FRANZCOG selection interviews?

FRANZCOG interviews will be conducted online, via Zoom. Practice sessions will be organised for applicants and interviewers.


Can I claim points for presentations/workshops that have been cancelled?

Yes, the Education Strategy Committee approved that presentations (oral/poster/e-poster) that have been accepted/confirmed will remain eligible for points even if the event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Note: other aspects of the scoring criteria remain the same, i.e. applicants must provide documentary evidence of presentation acceptance; the event must be scheduled to take place prior to close of applications. Presentations at events originally scheduled to take place after 11 May 2020 are not eligible for points.

Additionally, applicants with scheduled presentations who choose not to attend the event, due to concerns for their own health, will not be penalised. Points will still be allocated, provided that satisfactory documentary evidence is provided to show that a presentation had been accepted.

I cannot complete the workshop requirement for PVP as workshops have been cancelled. Am I still eligible for PVP points?

Yes, applicants who have been unable to complete workshop requirements will also be eligible for PVP points as long as the following can be provided:

a) Satisfactory completion of the CWH

b) Satisfactory completion of the online module component

c) Evidence of completed workshops or alternatively evidence of enrolment at a workshop/s on or before the 16 March 2020. Workshops originally scheduled for after 11 May 2020 are not eligible for points.




Updated advice for the care of pregnant women

In light of the successful flattening of the curve in Australia and New Zealand, RANZCOG has updated our advice regarding routine antenatal care and birth.



Racism diminishes all of us

A message to all members of RANZCOG.



A message from Dr Marilyn Clarke

A message from Dr Marilyn Clarke during National Reconciliation Week.