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19 May 2020
Email - Your FRANZCOG Training during COVID-19

An email has been circulated to all FRANZCOG Trainees, Training Supervisors, and ITP Coordinators summarising arrangements in place to ensure disadvantage to trainees is minimised where possible in the current extraordinary circumstances created by COVID-19. View/ download a copy of the email.
As at 13 May 2020

Updated Friday 15 May 2020

Does the Board approved six-month extension apply to CWH/DRANZCOG/DRANZCOG Advanced?

Yes. If your training timeframe expiration falls within the 2020 training year between 23 March and 23 September, this extension will apply. Please contact CWH/Diploma Training Programs [email protected]
As at 15 May 2020As at 15 May 2020

Will my current training period be credited?

All trainees in accredited training positions and who have registered with RANZCOG are considered to be training and, subject to satisfactory assessment and the usual conditions, will be able to be credited for this period.
As at 15 May 2020

The experiences I am getting during my training for this rotation have been altered due to the current environment. What should I do?

RANZCOG acknowledges that training may be altered by the current environment. For example, many sites may see a reduction in elective procedures. There is an expectation that training in obstetrics and emergency gynaecology can continue but trainees should experience challenges, please contact [email protected]
As at 15 May 2020

Which due dates will be extended by six-months?

The RANZCOG Board approved six-month extension to deadlines that fall in the 2020 training year between 23 March and 23 September. This means that should a deadline for training fall in this period, six months additional time will be allowed for completion of all requirements from the original due date. No further action is required by you.  
As at 15 May 2020

What is happening with my examinations?

The current circumstances have necessitated  changes to all RANZCOG examinations. The college is currently working on contingency plans for alternative delivery modules as well scheduling of examinations for late 2020. For further information relating to examinations please see the Examination FAQ page on the College website. 
As at 15 May 2020

What happens to my scheduled rotation between training site(s)?

Should your originally planned training position be changed or no longer available please contact dts[email protected] 
As at 15 May 2020

Is RANZCOG still accepting new registrations for the CWH, DRANZCOG, And DRANZCOG Advanced?

Yes. Registrations continue to be accepted and are being processed as normal. 
As at 15 May 2020

Is RANZCOG still accepting new enrolments to the register for the CWH, DRANZCOG, And DRANZCOG Advanced?

Yes. Enrolments to the register continue to be accepted and are being processed as normal. Refer to the RANZCOG website  for enrolment forms and further information. 
As at 15 May 2020


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