COVID-19: Courses and Workshops FAQs

Updated Tuesday 31 March 2020

My training site has cancelled/ postponed the Basic Obstetric Skills (BOS) Workshop, what happens now?

For rescheduling of future workshops, please contact the organiser directly.

If this was a requirement of your training, a six-month extension has been applied to the deadline to allow you to attend in the future.

RANZCOG has postponed the Foundations of Surgery (FOS) Workshops – Australia. How can I get further information?

You will be notified directly by RANZCOG regarding dates for future workshops. Please direct all enquiries to Szabina Szabolcs on [email protected]

If this was a requirement of your FRANZCOG training, a six-month extension has been applied to the deadline to allow you to attend in the future.

Where can I get information relating to the postponed Fetal Surveillance Education Programs (FSEP) workshops?

For information on FSEP courses please refer to the FSEP website or contact the RANZCOG FSEP team directly at [email protected].

Will I receive a refund for any RANZCOG workshops/courses I have paid for?

We have postponed the courses and workshop rather than cancel and your fee will be held as a credit for a future event; however, should you wish to receive a full refund for fees paid, please contact the appropriate administrator for the relevant course/workshop.

I have already booked my flights and accommodation. Will RANZCOG reimburse my expenses?

RANZCOG is unfortuantely unable to reimburse flights and accommodation and you are advised to directly contact your travel or insurance provider to request a credit or reimbursement for your travel and accommodation.

What happens if I can’t complete mandatory workshops and/or courses this year?

We understand that deferral of courses and/or workshops has an impact on trainees’ ability to meet training program requirements. A six-month extension has been applied to training requirements including workshop/course deadlines that fall in the 2020 training year.




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