Trainee Representatives

Meet your representatives on the RANZCOG Trainees’ Committee:



Email: [email protected]

Chair – Dr Swetha Kumar

Hi I'm Swetha, one of the NSW Trainee Representatives and also the Australian Chair on the RANZCOG Trainees Committee.
I am a Fellow at Nepean Hospital in Sydney but am currently on maternity leave.
My interests in obstetrics and gynaecology vary across both fields tying in with my aim of being a Generalist when I finish, but I'm particularly interested in laparoscopic surgery, the use of ultrasound in both fields and aspects of medical administration and education.
Outside of work, pretty much my time is spent with my little one, however I do enjoy catching up on my favourite TV shows, exploring different cuisines, curling up to a good page-turner and spending time with my family and friends.


New Zealand

Email: [email protected]

Deputy Chair NZ – Dr Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor

I am the Deputy Chair, and have been the New Zealand North Island trainee representative since 2014, and represented trainees at RANZCOG council and various committees since 2015.
I am also the Chair of the Time Out of Training working party and am the Trainee Representative on the Women's Health Committee, Training Accreditation Committee, New Zealand Affairs Committee, and Organisational Values working party.
I am a fifth-year trainee working at Auckland Hospital, New Zealand and am also a sub-speciality trainee in CREI.
I have worked at hospitals across the upper New Zealand region and love the varied experience that obstetrics and gynaecology has given me.
When not working at the hospital, I am parenting an active toddler. I love to get outdoors and am a keen skier and runner. Keeping a balance in life is important to me and I use yoga for overall relaxation, strength and flexibility. My other personal interests include music (playing and listening), as well as dancing, drawing, cooking and gardening.

Dr Alicia Mulligan

I’m Alicia and I am the current NZ South Island trainee representative.
As well as the Trainee Committee, I sit on the Engagement Committee and the New Zealand Training Accreditation Committee.
I work closely with the NZ North Island representative, Dr Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor, to advocate for the New Zealand trainees at a local and Australasian level. I thoroughly enjoy the role, being able to interact with trainees all over New Zealand and Australia, and advocate for our training needs in a competitive and tough program.
I am currently a year 4 trainee based at Christchurch Women’s Hospital in New Zealand, which is a tertiary hospital. In 2019 I completed my rural rotation at Kew Hospital in Invercargill, followed by six months at Dunedin Hospital.
I have interests in fertility and also hold an Honours Degree in Reproductive Neuroendocrinology. I hope to combine research interests with clinical practice in my advanced training years and beyond.
Outside of work I enjoy gardening, scrapbooking and keeping fit. I love coaching swimming and take adult Irish dance lessons when the time allows. I like to travel abroad and have a strong passion for sport, in particular rugby, swimming and cricket. 
Feel free to contact me about any training matters that are troubling you. I am also happy to chat about working in New Zealand.


Australian Capital Territory

Email: [email protected]

Dr Danica Vress

I am the ACT Trainee Representative. I am currently working as a Senior Registrar at The Canberra Hospital.
I have broad interests across obstetrics and gynaecology and am still open to where my training will take me.

My time outside of work is spent maintaining my caffeine habit, trail running with my dog or spending time with my family.


New South Wales

Email: [email protected]

Dr Maria Bernardi

 I am a NSW trainee representative, completing fourth year ITP in busy Western Sydney.
Longer term, the goal is to return to work regionally, with a focus on higher risk pregnancies and access to (or a hospital view of!) some mountains to run, ride and climb.



Email: [email protected]

Dr Jessica Robertson

I am the Queensland trainee representative.

I have worked at Ipswich hospital, Nambour hospital and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. I particularly enjoy gynaecological surgery and being part of the management team of high-risk obstetric patients.

When not at work, I enjoy running, cycling, swimming and spending time with my family.

Dr Timothy Hasted

I am a Queensland representative.
I am in my sixth year of training and have worked in rural, peripheral and tertiary centres and am currently completing my final year at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.
I applied to be a trainee representative because I was keen to be involved in helping to organise College events and to represent trainee's concerns, particularly with relation to equity in surgical experience. I am the trainee representative on the Simulation Training Advisory Group, the MOTHER Project Team and the NASOG National Council.
I am completing a Masters in Surgical Education and am interested in vaginal and laparoscopic surgery.
When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my wife and children, obsessing about American politics, going to the beach, live music, theatre and film.


South Australia and Northern Territory

Email: [email protected]

Dr Kate Martin

I am the SA/NT trainee representative, completing my fifth year at the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network.
I applied to be a trainee representative because I think engagement with the College is essential, and to represent trainee interests and concerns.
I have an interest in minimally invasive gynaecology and I am currently undertaking an AGES fellowship during my advanced training.
When I am not at work I enjoy making and consuming food, and then working it off at boxing or body-pump classes. I also try to keep my indoor plant collection alive, and love catching up with friends and family.  




Email: [email protected]

Dr Dimity Archer

Bio coming soon.



Email: [email protected]

Dr Annabelle Brennan

Bio coming soon...

Dr Ashleigh Seiler

Bio coming soon...


Western Australia

Email: [email protected]

Dr Amy Fitzgerald

Bio coming soon.



Email: [email protected]

Diplomate Representative – Dr Alyce Wilson

I am the Diplomate representative.
I completed my training at Monash Health and the Royal Women's Hospital, receiving my diploma in 2018.
I am currently a Public Health Registrar and Research Fellow working in global maternal, child health and nutrition at the Burnet Institute. I also hold appointments as a lecturer in the Melbourne Medical School at the University of Melbourne and work in a weekly clinic at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne.
My interests are global health, maternity care health systems, and quality care. I am an advanced trainee of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), and currently undertaking a PhD examining the quality of maternal and child health systems in Papua New Guinea.
Outside of work I enjoy running, cycling, bush walking and cooking. 



Email: [email protected]

Dr Jessica Caudwell-Hall

I am the Subspecialty trainee representative.
I am a Staff Specialist/Urogynae Fellow at Nepean Hospital and a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Sydney.
I have recently completed my PhD, and my research interests include translabial ultrasound imaging and the impact of childbirth on the pelvic floor.
In my free time I enjoy cooking, hanging out with my family (I have three kids!) and scheming how to get the 'secret' snacks out of the pantry without anyone noticing. 
I am always happy to be contacted by trainees with any questions or concerns.


Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMG)

Email: [email protected]

Dr Reema Kohli

I am the SIMG representative.
I am an Advanced trainee at Eastern Health. I undertook Specialist O&G and laparoscopy training in India. My professional goal is advanced laparoscopy.
I have an eternal love for abstract art, painting, Indian weddings and street food.




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