Honours and awards

The College bestows honours and awards on individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the work of the College and women’s health more broadly.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) bestows honours and awards on individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the work of the College and/or women’s health more broadly. Nominations are considered by the College Honours Committee and awarded by the RANZCOG Board.

Nominations 2022

Nominations for 2022 have now closed; nominations will next open in March 2023.

Honours process

The Honours Committee, chaired by the President, meets once a year to consider nominations for RANZCOG Honours and Awards.

Requirements for the submission of your nomination:


Nominations must be made and seconded by Fellows or Diplomates of the College.


Complete the online nomination form (this link will be updated when nominations next open).


Attach a nomination letter addressed to the President, detailing the reason for the nomination and the contributions the individual has made to the profession, College work or to the area of women’s health more broadly.


Attach a curriculum vitae of the nominee.

Awards timeline 2022

1 March: Call for nominations open
31 May: Deadline for submitting nominations (5pm AEST)
June/July: Honours Committee review all nominations and make their recommendations

Following the deliberation process, the Honours Committee will submit the recommendations to the Board at the July Council week meeting for final approval. 

All deliberations, investigations and recommendations relating to the nomination shall be treated as strictly confidential by all persons concerned. Nominators will be advised of the outcome of the nomination by the RANZCOG Honours Committee Chair.

For more information, refer to the following policy:


Honorary Fellow recipients

2021Prof Caroline Homer
2021Prof Paul Lancaster
2020Prof Helena Teede
2019Prof Lesley Reagan
2018A/Prof Sandra Lowe
2018Prof Tom Gelhaus
2018Prof Annemarie Hennessy
2017Dr Mark Defrancesco
2016Dr Andrew Browning
2015Dr Raymond Rodgers
2014Dr Peter White
2014Prof Sir Peter Gluckman
2013A/Prof Annabelle Farnsworth
2012Prof Lois Salamonsen
2011Prof Bobby Lewis Shull

President’s Medal recipients

2021Dr John Tait
2020Dr Celia Devenish
2018Dr Martin Gerard Ritossa
2017Dr Tony Geraghty
2017Dr Michael Rasmussen
2017Dr Sarah Tout
2016Dr Louise Farrell
2014Prof Caroline de Costa
2013A/Prof Robert Leigh Bryce
2011Prof Ian Godfrey Hammond
2010Prof Michael David Humphrey
2008A/Prof Ian Geoffrey Pettigrew
2008A/Prof John Michael Svigos
2006Dr Deryck William Charters
2000Dr Keith Reginald Barnes
2000Dr Geoffrey James Bishop
2000Dr Arthur Joseph Day
1997Dr Thomas Ian Cope
1990Dr Frank Menzies Cameron Forster
1988Dr Alan Donald Hewson

Excellence in Women’s Health Award recipients

2021Prof Danielle Mazza
2021Dr Debra Kennedy
2021Dr Jared Watts
2021Dr John Hall
2021Dr Ken Apen
2020Dr Susan Jacobs
2020A/Prof Chris Benness
2020Prof Grant Montgomery
2019Dr Lynne Brothers
2019A/Prof Deborah Bateson
2019Dr John Taylor
2019A/Prof Penny Blomfield
2019Dr Michel Carette
2019Dr Heather Mitchell
2019Dr Colin Stewart
2018Dr Virginia Billson
2018Dr Jane Zuccollo
2018Prof Tech Yee Khong
2018Dr Ea Mulligan

Distinguished Service Medal recipients

2021Emeritus Prof Alistair Maclennan
2021Professor Lesley McCowan
2021Dr Rupert Sherwood
2020Dr Ian Page
2020A/Prof Ian Pettigrew
2020A/Prof Ted Weaver
2019A/Prof Rosalie Mignon Grivell
2019A/Prof Malcom Ian Frazer
2019Dr Thomas Wells Cottee
2019Dr Tamara Walters
2018Prof Euan Morrison Wallace
2018Prof Jonathan Morris
2017Dr James Harvey
2017A/Prof Gregory Jenkins
2017Dr Anne Karczub
2016Prof Jan Dickinson
2016Dr Gino Francis Pecoraro

Distinguished Service Award recipients

2018Carmel Walker
2016Lyn Johnson
2013Valerie Jenkins

Distinguished Service Certificate recipients

2017Dr Chris Wilkinson
2016Dr Philip Thomas
2016Dr Diane Mohen
2014Dr William Milford

Conspicuous Service Medal recipients

2018Dr Talat Uppal
2018Dr Joh Hehir
2018Dr James Brodribb
2018Dr David Watson
2017Dr Paul Devenish-Meares
2017Prof Wayne Gillett

Māori Women’s Health Award recipients

2021Māori Indigenous Health Institute (RMWHA)
2020Professor Bev Lawton
2020Smear Your Mea Charitable Trust, Mr Eruera Keepa

First Nations Women’s Health Medal recipients

This is a new award.


For further information on the nomination and evaluation process, please contact the Membership team:

Email: membership@ranzcog.edu.au
Phone: 61+ 3 9417 1699


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