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Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku

The focus of Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku is to promote equitable access for all women to health services in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Explanation and meaning behind Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku and image

The name Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku means an assembly of people with a focus on health pertaining to women.

Te Kahui Oranga ō Nuku image was designed by Dave Burke.  The imagery is explained here:

Te Kahui o ngā whetū is a common Māori phrase which speaks of the constellation or gathering of stars. This concept was chosen ahead of many other ways of describing a committee because of its relationship in particular to the navigational aspects of stars and the prominence of the southern cross as a defining feature of location for peoples in the pacific and in particular Aotearoa New Zealand.

Oranga stems from the root word Ora which positions the gathering of people (the committee) in terms of its focus and function, namely, health and well being.

Ō Nuku is a term which stems from the primary name Papatuanuku meaning Earth Mother and in the context of the name it gives further focus for the committee toward the primordial female element particularly as it relates to obstetrics and gynaecology.

The image encompasses all three elements of the name Te Kahui Oranga ō Nuku which are clearly visible within the tapa toru (triangle shapes). Te Kahui is represented in the constellation of stars in the blue triangle with particular reference to Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific region where we are located. Oranga is within the red triangle, represented by the unfurling koru shapes which grow upwards. A central Manawa line representing Papatuanuku reflects the ō Nuku portion of the name. The upward and forward facing triangle shapes convey advancing and working hard to achieve positive outcomes in women’s health.

Mihi for opening RANZCOG meetings

He Hono Wāhine has provided the following mihi for opening RANZCOG meetings:

Kia ora tātou
E ngā maungā kōrero
E ngā wai tapu o te motu
E ngā hau e whā
Tēnā koutou (x3) katoa
Greetings everyone
To those assembled from various parts
To those from all parts of the country
To those who have come from all over the land
Greetings, Salutation, Acknowledgements to you all.
Be well everyone
To the speaking mountains
To the sacred waterways of this land
To those from the 4 winds
Greetings, Salutation, Acknowledgements to you all.

2020 meetings: 24 February, 22 June, 24 August, 30 November 

  • Dr Celia Devenish – Chair
  • Dr Sue Belgrave – Elected member, NZ Councillor
  • Dr Astrid Budden – Co-opted member, Private Practitioner representative 
  • Dr Catherine Coffey – Elected member
  • Dr Leigh Duncan –  Chair of He Hono Wāhine, ex officio 
  • Dr Sue Fleming – NZ Councillor
  • Dr Gillian Gibson – Board member
  • Dr Emma Jackson – Elected member
  • Dr Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor – Trainee representative
  • Dr Rachael McConnell – Elected member
  • Professor Lesley McCowan – Co-opted member, Academic Group representative
  • Ms Kate McNabb – Layperson representative 
  • Dr Kirsten McSweeny – Co-opted member, Early Career Fellow representative
  • Dr Ruth Swarbrick – Elected member 
  • Dr John Tait – NZ Vice President
  • Dr Sarah Tout – Chair NZTAC, NZ Councillor
  • Dr Karen Vaughan – Layperson representative
  • Ms Catherine Cooper – Manager, NZ Office

He Hono Wāhine 

The focus of He Hono Wāhine, a subcommittee of Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku, is to improve health outcomes for wāhine Māori and their pēpi.

2020 meetings: 23 February, 21 June, 23 August, 29 November

  • Dr Leigh Duncan – Chair
  • Dr Angela Beard – Fellow
  • Mr Luke Crawford – Kaumatua (position share)
  • Ms Wendy Dallas-Katoa – Kaumatua (position share)
  • Dr Celia Devenish – Chair of Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku
  • Ms Tamara Karu – Ngā Maia representative
  • Dr Bev Lawton – Academic representative
  • Ms Kate McNabb – Layperson representative
  • Dr Phil Suisted – Fellow 
  • Dr Kasey Tawhara – Trainee representative 
  • Ms Catherine Cooper – Manager, NZ Office

RANZCOG New Zealand Training Accreditation Committee 

2020 meetings: 25 February, 23 June, 25 August, 1 December

  • Dr Sarah Tout – Chair & Northern ITP Co-ordinator
  • Dr Celia Devenish – Southern ITP Co-ordinator
  • Dr Narena Dudley – Committee member
  • Dr Leigh Duncan – Committee member
  • Dr Jane Fielder – Committee member
  • Dr Deralie Flower – Committee member
  • Dr Fali Langdana – Central ITP Co-ordinator
  • Dr Sarah Machin – Committee member
  • Dr Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor – Northern Trainee representative
  • Dr Alicia Mulligan –  Southern Trainee representative
  • Ms Jude Kaveney – Training Co-ordinator

Expense Reimbursement

Expense reimbursement applies to Fellows and trainees undertaking work on behalf of RANZCOG. The NZ office processes expense reimbursement claims from NZ Fellows and trainees. Please submit your claim forms to [email protected].
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