Council & Committees


The RANZCOG Council has general oversight of the policy and strategic planning of the College and meets three times a year (generally in March, July and November) at College House in Melbourne, Australia.

The Council comprises the members of the Board, 22 Councillors representing each State and Territory of Australia and New Zealand, the Immediate Past-President, Chair of the Diplomates Committee, Chair of the Trainees’ Committee and a Community Representative. All members other than the Community Representative have voting rights.

The Eleventh RANZCOG Council took office at the Annual General Meeting of the College held on 15 November 2018. The new Council will serve a three-year term until November 2021.

Members of the 11th RANZCOG Council
Members of Council
Councillor, Australian Capital Territory A/Prof Boon Lim
Councillor, New South Wales A/Prof Gregory Jenkins
Councillor, New South Wales Dr Gregory Kesby
Councillor, New South Wales Dr Louis Izzo
Councillor, New South Wales Dr Tanya Nippita
Councillor, New Zealand Dr Sarah Tout
Councillor, New Zealand Dr Sue Belgrave
Councillor, New Zealand Dr Susan Fleming
Councillor, Regional Fellows A/Prof Ian Pettigrew
Councillor, Regional Fellows Dr Jared Watts
Councillor, Queensland Dr Tal Jacobson
Councillor, Queensland Dr William Milford
Councillor, Queensland Dr Gary Swift
Councillor, South Australia/Northern Territory Dr Roy Watson
Councillor, South Australia/Northern Territory Dr Heather Waterfall
Councillor, Tasmania Dr Frank O'Keeffe
Councillor, Victoria Dr Marilla Druitt
Councillor, Victoria Dr Nisha Khot
Councillor, Victoria Dr Alison Fung
Councillor, Victoria Dr Jenny Dowd
Councillor, Western Australia Dr Kristy Milward
Councillor, Western Australia Dr Scott White
Immediate Past-President Professor Steve Robson
Chair, Diplomates Committee Dr Judith Gardiner
Chair, Trainees Committee Dr Patricia Vosdoganes
Community Representative Ms Tessa Kowaliw
Representatives (Non-voting)
NASOG Representative Dr Stephen Lane
Subspecialties Representative (Deputy Chair, Subspecialties Committee) Dr Tanya Nippita
Subspecialties Committee Representative (Subspeciality Committees Chairs share position)
Trainee Committee Representative (Deputy Chair, Australia) Dr Swetha Kumar
Trainee Committee Representative (Deputy Chair, New Zealand) Dr Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor
College Staff (Non-voting)
Chief Executive Officer Ms Vase Jovanoska
Senior Coordinator, Office of the President and CEO Ms Sabrina Hanna
Executive Officer, Office of President and CEO Ms Bec McPhee


RANZCOG Committees

The functions and activities of the RANZCOG Board and Council are supported by 46 committees and working parties, which meet regularly and make recommendations to the RANZCOG Board on a range of matters pertaining to women's health:

RANZCOG Committees and Working Parties

Committee Positions

There are no Committee vacancies advertised at this time; please regularly check back here or on the Institute of Community Directors Australia website, where we list out volunteer positions.




Professor John Newnham

It is with great pleasure and pride that RANZCOG acknowledges Professor John Newnham, as the first fellow to be awarded the highest honour of Senior Australian of the Year.




RANZCOG Organisational Values

In late 2019, a College Organisational Values Working Group was established and tasked with developing a unique set of shared values, defined by our common vision, for members, trainees and College staff.



Advocacy from East to West: Marwan Shawki

Marwan Shawki wants to strengthen the bonds between Australia and the Middle East, like he once did between the US and Iraq.