Committed to promoting the specialty of obstetrics and gynaecology as an exciting and valuable career option, the College created the RANZCOG Women’s Health Award award to help foster awareness of the specialty among medical students.

The College was proud to present the RANZCOG Women’s Health Award 2015 to the following outstanding university students in obstetrics and gynaecology from medical schools across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea:

  • Susannah McKinney, University of Auckland; 
  • Holly Powell, Australian National University;
  • Alyce Scanlan, Bond University; Jonathon Schubert, Flinders University;
  • Nicola Campbell and Ross Bourne, Griffith University;
  • Deahnne Levas, James Cook University;
  • Anastasia Phillipa Behan-Willett, University of Newcastle; 
  • Ronny Schneider, University of NSW;
  • David Kerr, University of Notre Dame (Sydney);
  • Meaghan Kelly, University of Otago;
  • Susan Waiut and Inzaman Massat, University of Papua New Guinea;
  • Albert He, University of Western Australia; and
  • Eliza McDougall, University of Wollongong.

Dr Tania Widmer and Prof David Ellwood present the RANZCOG Women’s Health Award to Nicola Campbell, Griffith University School of Medicine.

Dr Bernadette White presents awards to Dr Paul Mondia Jr (left) and Ms Tracey Jeff (right) from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Prof William Ledger presenting the certificate and cheque to Mr Ronny Schneider from the UNSW.