Training Supervisor Workshops

01 August 2021

Training Supervisor Workshops

Supervisors play an important role in supporting trainees during their training, guiding their learning, helping to plan and facilitate learning opportunities and providing feedback on their progress.

RANZCOG has developed a Supervisor Training Program, Foundation and Refresher, that explores the integral role of the training supervisor and delves into the issues encountered by training supervisors as they balance workplace demands, College requirements and trainee learning needs. The interactive format draws on the collective experience of participants and experienced workshop facilitators.

The Foundation Supervisor Training Program

The new Foundation Supervisor Training Program has been specifically developed for FRANZCOG and DRANZCOG/ DRANZCOG ADV supervisors and builds on the Clinical Education Training Program (CET) that must be completed prior to attending the event. 

Learning objectives:
  1. Analyse case scenarios to apply learning from Clinical Education Training Program
  2. Identify the roles and responsibilities of a FRANZCOG/DRANZCOG Supervisor
  3. Set goals with a Trainee
  4. Practice using Pendleton’s model of feedback
  5. Identify impact of assessor on validity and reliability
  6. Discuss underperformance and remediation

Who should attend?

New Training Supervisors and/or those who have been in the role for less than 3 years. Supervisors are required to attend one workshop every three years. Advanced Trainees are also welcome.

The Refresher Supervisor Training Program

This program builds on the content from the Foundation Supervisor Program.

Learning objectives:
  1. Identify the roles and responsibilities of a RANZCOG supervisor.
  2. Discuss and address the challenges of being a supervisor.
  3. Use Pendleton’s model to provide feedback.
  4. Identify RANZCOG assessment requirements and the potential impact of assessors on validity and reliability.
  5. Discuss underperformance and remediation strategies.

Who should attend?

Training Supervisors who have been in the role for more than 3 years. Supervisors are required to attend one workshop every three years.  Advanced Trainees are also welcome.

Workshop Schedule

To register for an upcoming workshop, click here.
Program Dates Timings: AEST
Foundation Friday 10 September 8.30am – 1:45pm
Refresher Wednesday 27 October 12.30pm – 5.45pm
Foundation Thursday 18 November 12.30pm – 5.45pm
Refresher Friday 10 December 8.30am – 1:45pm
Refresher Friday 17 December 12.30pm – 5.45pm

If you would like to know more about these workshops please contact [email protected]




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