Thank you, College House donors and supporters

22 February 2021

RANZCOG pays tribute and says thank you to all donors and supporters over the years, to College House.

The generous offers of philanthropic support, books, artefacts and historical collections, as well as volunteered time and effort, helped establish a base where members could plan and work, to live out our mission of providing Excellence in Women’s Health.

History of the Frank Forster Library

The original College Library was established in 1954, with a donation of 20 rare antiquarian books from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), in London. This generous donation was made to the Australian Regional Council of the RCOG on the occasion of the opening of College House at 8 Latrobe Street, Melbourne.

In 1987 Dr Frank Forster offered his extensive medical history collection of books, journals, pamphlets and prints to the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RACOG). The College accepted Dr Forster’s gracious bequest and, an additional wing was built in 1988 to accommodate the collection at the new College House in Albert Street, East Melbourne. After Dr Forster passed away in March 1995, the library was officially named the Frank Forster Library, in his memory.

Preserving our history

College House is steeped in history and tradition which we are all very proud of. For this reason, it is imperative that we preserve as much of our history as possible during the transition to our new premises. The Historical Collections Committee has been leading the task of handling the various artefacts and historical collections currently housed at Albert Street.

A substantial amount of the collection will be relocated, some will be archived, and some will be displayed in a digital format at Bowen Crescent, along with a history of each item.

With items not able to be relocated, the College has been consulting with donors and their families, for options including offering items back to the donor or donor’s family; to a State or Territory Committee for display at their offices; items may be sold to members or to the public; items could be donated to other organisations.

RANZCOG Board Director Dr John Regan, who is overseeing the College’s move from Albert Street to Bowen Crescent, said: “Thank you to all the Fellows who have donated to Albert Street to make it what it has been over nearly 40 years. We hope the philanthropy and support will continue as RANZCOG establishes its new home at Bowen Crescent.”



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