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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

7 December 2022

Please note this article is from 2016 and may no longer reflect current advice.

Over the past few months, there have been several news reports of the rapidly evolving situation regarding the Zika virus.

There are concerns that pregnant women who become infected with Zika virus can transmit the disease to their unborn babies, with potentially serious consequences.  The association between Zika virus and fetal malformations is still being investigated. However, rapidly accumulating evidence from the current outbreak appears to support a link between Zika virus infection and microcephaly and other serious brain abnormalities. Until more is known about Zika virus transmission in pregnancy and the association with adverse fetal outcomes, pregnant women should consider postponing travel to countries affected by the virus as authorities expand their list of places of concern.

The World Health Organisation, Department of Health Australia and Ministry of Health New Zealand has provided information via the links below for clinicians about the Zika virus, including a list of countries affected and guidelines for the care of pregnant women.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Information for Australia

RANZCOG guidance

Information for Aotearoa New Zealand

Ministry of Health New Zealand



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