Talking about clinical variation

25 November 2016

Clinical variation is where similar patients with similar health problems have different medical treatments in different areas. It remains an important area of review for all procedural specialties. 

Understanding the reasons behind clinical variation, and what variation in clinical procedures might mean, is important for all of us.

Today RANZCOG President Prof Steve Robson and CEO Alana Killen met with the team from the Australian Commission for Quality and Safety in Health Care, to discuss the Atlas of Clinical Variation and its implications for gynaecology practice in Australia.

"Understanding the reasons for variation in clinical practice is critical to delivering good health care," said Prof Robson. 

"Ensuring that there are no misunderstandings in data interpretation, and working towards delivering the best possible care for our patients should a goal for all of us."

"The College is committed to acting in the interests of Fellows and, most importantly, of the women we care for."





In response to the recent communique Misuse of Subspecialist Titles, the College has received valuable feedback from our members.



Australia Day 2020 Honours

RANZCOG congratulates our Fellows who have been recognised in the 2020 Australia Day Honours List.



Congratulations Professor John Newnham AM

RANZCOG congratulates FRANZCOG Professor John Newnham AM who has been named 2020 Senior Australian of the Year.