Support for communities impacted by fire

06 January 2020

A message from RANZCOG President Dr Vijay Roach


Australian communities have been affected by unprecedented bushfires this summer. We acknowledge, with gratitude, the volunteer firefighters, and other emergency workers, and the nurses, midwives and doctors who have sacrificed time with family and friends to care for others at this time. Many people have lost their homes and precious possessions. Some have lost their lives. The College extends our sympathy to all affected and we stand alongside you on the long journey to restoration.
Members who are ready to help can donate to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery, the Community Enterprise Foundation (Bendigo Bank in partnership with The Salvation Army), or for those wishing to donate to animal causes there’s WIRES.
The College will also establish a page on its website where it will publish messages of support which will be communicated through social media to communities in affected areas. If you would like to send a message, please email your name and message to: [email protected]
RANZCOG is a family. We serve and are part of the community in which we live. Beyond provision of medical care is the importance of connection with the people and the human spirit. Keep those affected in your mind and hearts.
Best wishes,

Dr Vijay Roach



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