RANZCOG Wellbeing Award 2022 – Recipients and Nominees

Meet the people leading the way in wellbeing at the College in 2022.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

3 July 2023

Congratulations to our Wellbeing Award recipients for 2022, as well as all of the wonderful nominations we received! Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a nomination – they were such a joy to read.

The nominations were discussed by the RANZCOG Wellbeing Working Group who endorsed the below recipients, which were then approved by the RANZCOG Board.

Individual award recipients

Dr Pip Davey

Dr Pip Davey

Nominated by Dr Frances Smith (RANZCOG Trainee)

Pip is a tireless advocate for her trainees and goes above and beyond in ensuring their wellbeing. Not only will she be your support within the workplace, but she will reach out to you when neither of you are at work. She takes the time to know and understand her trainees and works hard to represent and support them within a busy workplace. All trainees feel that Pip is available to them for support at any time. Anyone who has had difficulty during their training knows that Pip will listen and support and try to collaborate and forge a way forward. She is an exemplary leader and teacher, kind to a fault, and an asset to the field.

Dr Pip Davey is a RANZCOG Fellow working at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

Dr Lauren De Luca

Dr Lauren De Luca

Nominated by Dr Ashleigh Seiler (RANZCOG Fellow)

Over the past two years Lauren has worked tirelessly to create a safe and rewarding workplace for doctors and midwives alike. She has been a great support to all the junior medical staff during difficult times in the pandemic. Lauren has taken a pivotal role in training and mentorship for the junior medical staff and colleagues at all levels. Her leadership is changing the future of Obstetrics and setting up our hospital and our specialty to be one that supports, advocates and empowers generations to come. She is a role model for many of our trainees and demonstrates strong yet kind leadership. Her ability to combine a highly successful O&G career whilst being a Mum of two lovely boys is a testament to the extraordinary woman that she is.

Dr Lauren De Luca is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Dr Pav Nanayakkara

Dr Pav Nanayakkara

Nominated by Dr Joyce Shuang Xiao (RANZCOG Diplomate)

Dr Pav is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist (O&G) in Royal Women’s Hospital. She has inspired generations of trainees to pay forward kindness to others and has created a positive culture through her interactions with others. Anyone who has worked with Dr Pav recognises her for her warm personality and dedication to wellbeing. She deserves to be recognised as someone who embodies the values of kindness and respect. Dr Pav is always approachable to trainees, patient in her responses, and humble in her interaction with patients and junior doctors. She always goes the extra mile to care for others and ensure that trainees are well looked after. She is approachable and caring towards medical students and junior doctors such that there is a flow on “Pav” effect passing down to future generations of RANZCOG trainees.

Dr Pav Nanayakkara is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Individual award nominees

Dr Divya Viswanathan

Divya has made a positive impact by many small actions day to day – from an “are you okay?” check for her juniors, to volunteering for an international women’s health group and also her interactions with her patients. Divya is an excellent teacher and actively seeks out learning opportunities for her juniors. She also goes above and beyond with her time to help with exam or interview preparation.

Dr Divya Vishwanathan is a FRANZCOG Trainee at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Dr Ekaterina Jovic

Ekaterina is a smart, kind and hardworking individual. She is a dedicated mother and doctor who has done her training between the ACT and Victoria. She has helped manage burn-out, support unforeseen leave and ensured we maintain morale. Her emails of support and reminders to always be kind and patient are an example of things that make her a great leader. She advocates and supports her juniors – ensuring that they are coping well – and highlights the work they do.

Dr Ekaterina Jovic is a FRANZCOG Trainee at Northern Hospital, VIC.

Dr Emma Jackson

Emma continually makes time for all members of her department. She is a collaborative leader who ensures that all specialists are on board in times of crisis. She encourages staff wellbeing initiatives and is a strong leader and role model.

Dr Emma Jackson is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

Dr Jane McDonnell

Jane is an amazing colleague to work with – someone who has our backs, helps to voice our opinions and an amazing support to the juniors in the team. She is always so willing to help others and one will always find her smiling and asking if we are okay.

Dr Jane McDonnell is a FRANZCOG Trainee at the Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick.

Dr Lalla McCormack

Lalla is a kind, compassionate mentor. She is approachable and she supports and advocates for mental wellbeing. She treats everyone with compassion and respect.

Dr Lalla McCormack is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at Royal Hospital for Women, Randwick.

Dr Melanie Johnson

As a wellbeing advocate, Melanie has always gone above and beyond to ensure that rosters are released on time, that overtime is paid and that all doctors shared the workload equally. This has fostered a very positive work environment. Melanie treats everyone as equals and is very supportive of junior doctors – we feel so looked after.

Dr Melanie Johnson is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, SA.

Dr Nikhil Patravali

Dr Patravali has taken on the role as spokesperson and support person to juniors, including residents, registrars (both accredited and unaccredited), fellows and junior consultants who are dealing with work-related stressors. He makes himself available for support and advice at any hour of the day or night. He listens without judgment and makes juniors feel valued. Dr Patravali prioritises the health and wellbeing of his colleagues, as highly as that of his patients. He is particularly attuned to changes in his colleagues’ behaviour which may indicate stress at work or outside of work and does not hesitate to offer support.

Dr Nikhil Patravali is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at Nepean Hospital and Monash IVF, NSW.

Dr Victoria Woodward

As well as functioning as acting director of maternity at RWH, Vicki takes an active interest in the mental health and wellbeing of her junior staff. She is always a text message or phone call away. Nothing is ever beneath her (the director of maternity helping cannulate tricky inpatients!) and her door is always open. Vicki also has a keen interest in the health and wellbeing of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and has a close working relationship with our Baggarook team and cultural liaison officers. This work fosters a workplace with cultural safety and care at the forefront of our minds.

Dr Victoria Woodward is a RANZCOG Fellow, working at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne.

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