23 March 2020

Connection is what sustains the spirit and the soul. We will be posting positive messages from our members and staff. Let’s share our thoughts, feelings and experiences. We may not be physically together but we are still a family, the RANZCOG family, your family. Written messages of up to 200 words or short, 30 second, videos can be sent to Andre Khoury, RANZCOG Head of Communications and Public Affairs at [email protected]

We will run contributions on the RANZCOG Wall in our newsletter Connect.

Here is a post from Trainee Dr Rebecca Mackenzie-Proctor

In this time of increasing isolation, take joy in the small things – stop, breath and notice what is in nature around you. Reconnect with yourself and maybe reflect on what has driven you to where you are today. Are you still motivated by the same things or is it time to change your focus? Have you been stuck in a holding pattern or a rut? Are there new things that bring you joy? Find courage in this time to challenge yourself and find your JOY! Don’t forget to smile – it's contagious.
Remember as obstetricians and gynaecologists we need to act in the community as we do as clinicians– keeping calm amidst the panic. We have spent our careers being what I describe as ‘the swan’ – projecting the appearance of calm on the water when faced with emergencies; and in our heads we are paddling hard under the current to manage the difficult situation. Remember no matter how crazy it becomes out there – keep calm and be a swan. 



Focusing on Gestational diabetes

A diagnosis of gestational diabetes can present an opportunity for women to make long term lifestyle changes.



RANZCOG signs Memorandum of Understanding with Harmony Alliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change

RANZCOG has signed a MoU with Harmony Alliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change.



The Importance of patient perspective

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: say the Ws like Vs. Kowaliw is Ukrainian and is pronounced as ‘Ko-va-lyiv’.