RANZCOG Organisational Values Awards 2023 Recipients

Congratulations to those who have received RANZCOG Organisational Values Awards in 2023.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

3 August 2023

Individual award recipients (2023)

Dr Desiree Yap

Dr Yap advocates for women in medicine, women of colour, and other disadvantaged members of society. Dr Yap is active in education and mentors at Victorian Medical Women’s Society (VMWS). Dr Yap exhibits excellence in her roles in VMWS as a mentor and gynaecologist, and is committed to encouraging others to do so. Through her actions and words, she encourages mentees to attend conferences for education. Dr Yap spends countless hours volunteering for the community while working and raising a family.

Dr Erin Kelly

The work that Dr Kelly does in providing outstanding women’s health care would be hard to replace, as she has an amazing level of commitment to the women in the communities she serves. Her level of dedication goes above and beyond at all times. Dr Kelly advocates for the best health outcomes for the patients, their families and the midwives she works with. Her weekly work as an amazing GP obstetrician goes well beyond her official level of qualification, and everything she does embodies the values of RANZCOG.

Dr Kelly’s excellent work provides a great example of how one dedicated clinician can make a huge impact on the health needs and outcomes of a community, and also how good collaboration with local midwives, nurses and health workers can have long-term positive benefits in the provision of the highest standards of care in the community.

Dr Himali Ihalagama Rallage

Dr Rallage is a good mentor, possesses a high degree of patience, and is very approachable. It is common to see trainees approach her to discuss their personal issues, as they know she treats them kindly, like a mother. Dr Rallage always displays fairness and an impartial approach. This has led to building up trust among staff and with patients; honesty is a part of her lifestyle. When things go wrong, Dr Rallage does not hesitate to accept it, explain the error to the affected party, and apologise when needed.

Dr Jyoti Chaku

Dr Chaku acts as a mentor to residents and registrars. Dr Chaku offers formal teaching to medical students, JMOs and midwives. She goes out of her way to involve registrars in her clinics and promotes/supports the training of JMOs. Not only has she acted as a formal RANZCOG supervisor, but she also acts as the supervisor to the hospitals’ unaccredited registrars, offering training advice and support in any workplace issues.

Dr Chaku is often complimented by her patients in regard to her kind nature. Caring for women in their most vulnerable states, Dr Chaku is able to support them during their pregnancy journey. Her work colleagues also seek her out for compassion and understanding. She often provides a sounding board following difficult situations and is always there when needed.

Dr Chaku’s work with the Aboriginal mothers and babies service is second-to-none. Her involvement in this model of care allows Indigenous women to be cared for in a holistic way, allowing them to stay involved with culture and birth in the country.

Dr Chaku strives for excellence in all aspects of her care and is always encouraging those around her to do the same. Her passion for rural services and Indigenous women’s health supports her local community.

Our values

Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a highly rewarding career that entails many emotional and physical demands. Alongside a range of other initiatives, the RANZCOG Organisational Values Awards are designed to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate trainees and members who best exemplify our values.

At RANZCOG, we value:

Advocacy: We are a leading voice for equity, social justice, policy and fairness.

Education: We embrace the opportunity to learn, share knowledge and experience through innovation, discovery and research.

Excellence: We are committed to performance at the highest standard, in our work, training, research and support.

Integrity: We act honestly, ethically and with accountability with everyone, and in everything we do.

Kindness: We act with compassion and care towards ourselves, and one another.

Respect: We expect, and promote, inclusivity, valuing individual rights, beliefs and choices.

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Previous award recipients (2022)

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Dr Patricia Moore

Professor Kirsten Black

Dr Clare Boothroyd

Dr Jane Fielder

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