RANZCOG Organisational Values Awards 2022 Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 RANZCOG Organisational Values Awards recipients.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

3 July 2023

Individual award recipients

Dr Jared Watts

Dr Watts contributes to all RANZCOG’s Organisational Values of Advocacy, Education, Excellence, Integrity, Kindness, Respect. He advocates for equity and justice for the women of regional, rural and remote Australia and beyond.

Dr Watts works on several RANZCOG Committees, he provides educational opportunities for RANZCOG members including by participating in webinars, workshops, etc. He freely shares his knowledge and embraces learning. Dr Watts is committed to providing the highest standards of excellence that he can achieve.

Dr Patricia Moore

Dr Moore contributes to all RANZCOG’s Organisational Values of Advocacy, Education, Excellence, Integrity, Kindness, Respect. Dr Moore is a champion of women’s reproductive rights at all levels and does this in a way that is highly professional, respectful, and effective. Her skills in Gynaecology with a Masters of Bioethics, mean that she thinks and responds with great care and thoughtfulness to the ethical challenges presented to us in women’s health.

Dr Moore is an outstanding communicator and brings professionalism, kindness, and authentic leadership to her practice, her colleagues, her trainees, and her patients. In an era where access to contraception and abortion services in other countries continues to be tenuous, Dr Moore remains a steady voice of reason and advocacy.

Professor Kirsten Black

Professor Black has made a positive impact by championing RANZCOGs Organisational Values of Advocacy, Education, and Excellence. Professor Black through her consistent work in the area of sexual and reproductive health has achieved excellence in training and education outcomes. Her efforts in curriculum development have been integral to the College’s acknowledgment of and response to the social determinants of women’s health and achieving gender equity for patients and members of the College.

Dr Clare Boothroyd

Dr Boothroyd has made a positive impact by championing RANZCOG’s Organisational Values of Advocacy, Education, Excellence, Integrity, Kindness, Respect. She has been a fierce advocate for reproductive medicine as a subspecialty and for women as patients who seek fertility treatment.

Dr Boothroyd has led the recent educational efforts for reproductive medicine subspecialists through the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Subspecialty Committee (CREI) and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (ANZREI). Dr Boothroyd played a prominent role in education on the Fertility Society of Australia where she served as a Board member, President-Elect.

Dr Jane Fielder

Dr Fielder has made a positive impact by championing RANZCOGs Organisational Values of Advocacy, Education, Excellence, Integrity, Kindness, Respect. Dr. Fielder ensured equity for all women across New Zealand through her work in the Chatham Islands, Christchurch, and the West Coast District Health Board, going above and beyond for her patients.

Dr Fielder is a training supervisor and has previously worked and is committed to ensuring trainees become fully capable consultants upon completion of their training. She treats her patients and RANZCOG trainees with integrity, respect & kindness

Group award recipients


One for Women Group (Midland WA, SJOG Murdoch WA, SJOG Mt Lawley WA) in recognition of their contribution to exemplifying RANZCOG organisational values. The multi-disciplinary group includes:

  • Dr Charles Armstrong, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Stuart Prosser DRANZCOG Advanced
  • Dr Aseel Alkiaat, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Vincent Lee, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Suzanne Meharry, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Barton Smith, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Rae Watson-Jones, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Michael Brenters, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Soundaram Coundjidapadam, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Jacques Pretorius, FRANZCOG
  • Dr Danielle Vlahov, DRANZCOG
  • Dr Penny Wilson, DRANZCOG Advanced
  • Melanie Irving, Endorsed Midwife
  • Debbie Stanton, Endorsed Midwife
  • Grace Green, Endorsed Midwife
  • Jade Hall, Endorsed Midwife
  • Elaine Murray, Endorsed Midwife
  • Claire Oldfield, Endorsed Midwife
  • Beth Cummings, Perinatal Mental Health Midwife
  • Kristy Wiegele, Perinatal Loss Midwife

Maternity patients without Medicare face enormous costs in the Western Australia public system, the group commenced a pilot with a health insurance provider to support overseas students and visitors to access appropriate levels of antenatal care and social support.

They have made connections with GP Obstetricians in Kalgoorlie and Geraldton, with plans to expand to the Great Southern, Pilbara, and Kimberley regions.

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