RANZCOG book review

19 October 2020

Diplomate Dr Vandhana Chetty has reviewed Jeanine Sciacca's Living in the Flow: A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose and Value in This World.

Read Dr Chetty's review below.


Doctors (and other people) get so busy/ obsessive about work, getting that fellowship, then the next qualification, and there’s always a next one. For a few people, this might be the right path for them. And then there’s the rest where work actually feels like work, and some days you don’t feel like going to work, or you are tired and grumpy and want the family/ friends to leave you alone so you can just relax/sleep today and work well the next day. And after all, you are working like this so you’ll get to a point where you don’t have to and then you can spend time doing what you really like. And basically just lose track of balance and what is actually important in your life.
This book gives another option to the description above—it talks about how to discover and live your life purpose and thereby get yourself to a position where ‘work’  (and life) is a source of joy.
It is 113 pages long and has decent sized writing. And while it may not be for everyone depending on where they are in life, it will be a good guide for those who think surely ‘there is more to life than this’.

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