Our examinations platform

In 2022, RANZCOG commenced transitioning all of our examinations to a new platform, Practique, which offers many benefits from both a candidate and administration perspective.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

26 September 2022

Examinations are a key component of all our training programs and so it’s important that we employ an easy-to-use interface that meets the needs of our candidates, examiners and staff.

Our new examinations platform, Practique, is designed for a desktop computer, yet also works on a tablet or phone.

The Practique platform has many benefits from both a candidate and administration perspective:

Benefits for candidates

Open demo site where candidates can learn to use the interface before the exam day

Easy to flag any questions for later follow-up

Built-in notepad – no need for paper to scribble down notes

Easy to see which questions have not been answered

Supports high quality images and videos directly within the user interface

No interruptions or pop-ups once the exam has commenced, even if there is an internet outage

User-customisable font and background colours for people with colour perception preferences

Improved flexibility with exam venue locations

Benefits for examiners and College staff

No special software – all users access the system via a web browser

Built-in version control for questions with ability to link performance and curriculum metadata to each item

Improved item security and question bank management

Increased variety of question types available, in addition to the standard multiple choice and short answer formats

Supports high quality radiographic images as well as other multimedia so ultrasound videos, doppler waveforms and CTGs are easy to link to an item

Intuitive easy-to-use marker interface

Integrated standard setting and question performance statistics

Improved site controls to better manage unexpected events

All candidates will receive a full briefing ahead of each exam, including on how to use the main features of Practique.

In the meantime, you are welcome to test the candidate interface out yourself, using the below login details:



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