National Newborn Metabolic Screening Programme

11 December 2017

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) will be added to the newborn metabolic screening panel from 11 December 2017 under the clinical guidance of Dr Shannon Brothers a paediatric immunologist completing immunopathology training, who has joined the newborn metabolic screening programme on a part-time basis. All positive tests will be called out to the lead maternity carers by the Starship on- call Clinical Immunologist, and where the disorder is likely also to a local paediatrician. At that time guidance will be given around appropriate follow-up (depending on the level of the result). Updated parent information sheets (HE2310) are available from HealthEd and information about SCID can be accessed here. Information about other conditions is also available on the NSU website.



International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2021

The members of RANZCOG acknowledge the parents and families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.



Updated College Statements

These statements have been reviewed and updated during the March and July Council sessions, and published on the RANZCOG website.



2021 RANZCOG Wellbeing Awards - Nomination Summaries

Congratulations to all who were nominated in our inaugural Wellbeing Awards.