Focusing on breastfeeding

03 August 2020

Breastfeeding provides your baby with the best possible start in life.

That’s the message from midwife Adrienne Priday as RANZCOG marks World Breastfeeding Week, which runs from August 1 – August 7.

“Breastfeeding is important because it is a natural way of feeding babies,” says Adrienne, who is the New Zealand Midwifery Representative on RANZCOG’s Women’s Health Committee. 

“Breast milk is perfectly designed to provide the best food for your baby.”

“It provides health, nutritional and emotional benefits to both you and your baby. Up to the age of five months your baby will benefit from being exclusively breastfed.” 

“Doctors, obstetricians and midwives will provide advice and support to help you establish successful breastfeeding because it is key for the growth of a healthy and strong baby, who is protected from illness and feels safe and secure.”

Adrienne’s top four tips for new mothers:

1.    Expect breastfeeding to take time to learn. While breastfeeding comes naturally to many women there are specific techniques you and your baby need to learn and finesse.

2.    Seek advice and support from other women in your family who have successfully breastfed by asking them what worked well for them.

3.    Over the first few weeks you’ll be offered a variety of advice, some of which may feel conflicting. I recommend trying the advice and when you find what works for you and your family stay with it.  

4.    Breastfeeding is not always easy and/or may not be a suitable option for you. If so, it is important that you find support from health professionals and other women who identify with your choices.



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