Dr Sophie Ruff

15 June 2021

The below is written by DRANZCOG Trainee Dr Sophie Ruff, as part of RANZCOG’s Wellbeing Wednesday initiative, where RANZCOG highlights, across its wellbeing social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram, a different trainee or member each week and what they do to support their health and wellbeing.

‘Empty your mind, be formless, be shapeless – like water. Be water – my friend’ - Bruce Lee

"Finding a moment of gratitude in our every day is so important. It’s often easier said than done, but I find my moment best in the water.

The ocean has always been such a source of happiness for me – I think it’s truly one of life’s greatest teacher’s! Being in, on or under the water allows me to feel connected to nature, manage unpredictability and experience awe and wonder for the little things in our world.

During recent times, the closure of our local swimming pools encouraged me to leave the routine of following the black line and explore open and cold water swimming. I love how every ocean swim is different – challenging and unique yet wonderful in its own way (much like our time on birth suite!) While some mornings are certainly more cold than others, the beauty of the ocean always puts a smile on my face and leaves me feeling thankful. That experience is something I’m grateful for every day."



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RANZCOG urges all practitioners to help pregnant women get vaccinated

RANZCOG urges all practitioners to heed the advice issued by RANZCOG and ATAGI which recommends that pregnant women are routinely offered Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.