Dr Albert Jung

24 January 2021

The below is written by FRANZCOG Dr Albert Jung, as part of RANZCOG’s Wellbeing Wednesday initiative, where RANZCOG highlights, across its wellbeing social media accounts including Twitter (@ranzcogwellness) and Instagram (@ranzcog_wellbeing), a different trainee or member each week and what they do to support their health and wellbeing.


"The concept of wellbeing has evolved as I’ve progressed through my training. As a trainee, being married with no kids, wellbeing meant lots of exercise, holidays whenever and wherever we could fit them and fancy dinners. Now as a new consultant in both public and private practice with two rambunctious boys and another child on the way, it’s a little bit different. With so many different pressures vying for my attention, I find well-being is about allowing myself to be just a little bit selfish. I’m learning to say no to some things so that I can say yes to me.

Trying to fit exercise into a hectic schedule is hard. I've learned to prioritise the hard way after having some back pain. I've recently started pilates on Saturday mornings.

I give myself one all day and two afternoons off a month. My day off lines up with my wife's day off so we'll drop the boys off at daycare, and go out for a mid-week date. Our favourite thing to do is a couples float session and a nice meal. On my afternoons off, self-care is in the form of a 45 minute remedial massage or a haircut. I get home with plenty of sunlight to take the boys out to the local park.

Which brings me to family. Family is what grounds me. It's what keeps me going and keeps me happy."



Dr Pieter Mourik (AM)

Being recognised in the Australia Day honours was a highlight for this rural medicine advocate.



RANZCOG urges all practitioners to help pregnant women get vaccinated

RANZCOG urges all practitioners to heed the advice issued by RANZCOG and ATAGI which recommends that pregnant women are routinely offered Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.



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