Cultural diversity enriches us

To celebrate Cultural Diversity Week, we spoke to Fellow Dr Tween Low.


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

3 July 2023

Which country or countries represent your cultural background? What is your connection to those countries?

I consider myself an Australian with a Malaysian Chinese cultural background. What is your connection to those countries? My grandparents migrated from China to Malaysia in the 1930s, I was brought up in a Chinese family in Malaysia, I, therefore, have a strong affinity to Chinese and Malaysian culture. I came to Australia when I was eighteen, so many of my personal values are also moulded by Australian culture.

How does your culture influence your regular day-to-day life?

The importance we put on family and friends, and respect for the elders, which relates back to my Confucious upbringing. Malaysians are also generous and self-effacing, which I relate to. On a lighter note, we love our food; I am always thinking of what to cook next!

What is it you value most about your culture? And why is cultural diversity important to you?

Kindness, generosity and inclusivity, and the strong bond we formed within our family and tribe. This sustains me through my everyday life and practice.

Why is cultural diversity important to me? Because it enriches us, it allows us to express our own uniqueness, yet be respectful of others’ differences.”

Dr Tween Low



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