Choosing wisely

24 October 2016

Choosing Wisely Australia is a campaign led by Australia’s medical colleges and professional societies to improve resource use in healthcare. It is an initiative that brings the medical community together to improve the quality of healthcare through considering tests, treatments and procedures where evidence shows they provide no benefit or, in some cases, lead to harm. Choosing Wisely Australia challenges the way we think about healthcare, questioning the notion 'more is always better'.

RANZCOG Board consulted with the membership throughout 2015-2016 to identify five practices to question. RANZCOG encourages its members to think about the clinical circumstances when contemplating use of these five areas as they have been highlighted as practices that may be overused, may be inappropriate or of limited effectiveness in a given clinical context. As always, these are recommendations and are to be applied with the best judgement of the treating clinician and in line with patient preference.

These five areas do not provide a complete picture of where inappropriate practices exist however they are a starting point for conversation.




In response to the recent communique Misuse of Subspecialist Titles, the College has received valuable feedback from our members.



Australia Day 2020 Honours

RANZCOG congratulates our Fellows who have been recognised in the 2020 Australia Day Honours List.



Congratulations Professor John Newnham AM

RANZCOG congratulates FRANZCOG Professor John Newnham AM who has been named 2020 Senior Australian of the Year.