Building new partnerships

29 June 2020

Sudi Sekhar hit the ground running when he joined RANZCOG 14 months ago, and he would not have had it any other way.
“I have really enjoyed it,” the College’s Head of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development says.
“Everyone has been friendly and willing to help.
“The biggest thing that has stood out for me is that our members and trainees are passionate about the speciality and are generous in the time they give to the College.”
‘We have a lot to do, it is very exciting’
Sudi’s energy and enthusiasm is vital considering the many areas of the College his Strategic Initiatives and Business Development unit manages.
Sudi’s team oversees the development of new initiatives and projects aligned with RANZCOG’s Strategic Plan, and undertakes business development activities with the view of building sustainable partnerships with stakeholders and diversifying the College’s income streams. “There are a range of opportunities for the College – whether in the development of educational products, in the development of products for our membership, or partnering with stakeholders to submit proposals together – and the key is to ensure RANZCOG’s values align with our stakeholders’ values and to make sure we are sticking to our fundamental principles,” Sudi says. “We are also looking at expanding on our grants and tender applications.”
The team also administers Quality Assurance programs such as the Fetal Surveillance Education Program (FSEP), Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound and Education Monitoring Program (NUTEMP) amongst others.  
On top of that, the unit also oversees activities under the RANZCOG Women’s Health Foundation. “At the moment we are looking to increase our fundraising through the Foundation so we can support more meaningful projects across its three pillars – clinical and scientific research in women’s health, supporting global health projects, and promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori women’s health initiatives,” Sudi says.
“It’s exciting for the College because we have developed a strategy that will allow a more systematic approach to fundraising than we’ve had in the past.”
Mutually beneficial partnerships
The College recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada, and is working with specialist medical colleges in several countries in Southeast Asia with a view to forging similar partnerships.
Sudi says such relationships present advantages for members and trainees. “It opens up opportunities for learning and collaboration,” he says. “We’re obviously very highly regarded in terms of the educational standards we provide and there is an opportunity for RANZCOG to impart that expertise and to also learn from other countries.
“We are focussed on delivering actions from MoUs rather than just having them as pieces of paper. It is exciting to see RANZCOG get involved in this space.”
Seeking vital business outcomes
Sudi, a qualified chemical engineer, brings to his role experience in business development and project management. He earned a Master of International Business degree in 2007 and is currently undertaking a Master of Business Administration (MBA).
He worked at La Trobe University, Kidney Health Australia and the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, before joining RANZCOG.
“My specialisation is project management, business development, strategy and building partnerships,” he says.
“My focus has always been on building mutually beneficial partnerships and creating value for everyone involved.
“On the project management side that is about having a vision, knowing where you want to get to and then having the tools to get there.”
As his career has progressed, Sudi has tended to gravitate towards business development roles, “where it is about liaising with  both external and internal stakeholders, trying to build on existing business opportunities and creating new ones to diversify income streams, activities and to create new opportunities for an organisation”.
On top of his busy schedule, Sudi became a father for the first time nearly a year ago, welcoming his son, Neel. “Fatherhood had been great,” Sudi says. “Finding the right balance [between work and family] sometimes can be challenging, but Neel brings me and my wife Emma a lot of happiness.”
“Starting a family and joining the RANZCOG family – it’s been incredible,” he adds.


Sudi and Emma



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