BHD Advisory Working Group update

01 November 2021

Thank you to all Members who made a submission to the independent Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination (BHD) Advisory Working Group. The Group will consider all submissions along with the results from the BHD Member Survey. The Group was briefed on the survey results last month and is working through the data and stories shared by Members.

Last week, Deputy Chair Dr Helen Szoke met with Trainee Representatives at the Trainees’ Committee meeting. This week, group member Prof Ron Paterson will attend the College Training Accreditation Committee meeting to hear from our educators and trainers.  
The Advisory Working Group has met twice so far and has reviewed RANZCOG’s complaint handling processes. Next on its agenda is to examine the College’s workshops, education and CPD, accreditation, advocacy and support offerings.
The group will make its recommendations to the RANZCOG Board in February 2022. Its report will be published.



Australia Day 2022 Honours

RANZCOG congratulates our members who have been recognised in the 2022 Australia Day Honours List.



Get vaccinated or boosted now

The Australian College of Midwives and the Royal Australian and RANZCOG have reiterated the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.



RANZCOG reiterates advice on COVID-19 vaccination

RANZCOG has reiterated the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.