Wellbeing and CPD

Your mental health and wellbeing is important to ensuring a healthy and meaningful experience both in O&G and your life outside of work.

To support this, the RANZCOG Guide to CPD allows for educational health and wellbeing activities to be approved. If you're not sure if a wellbeing activity is relevant, please email [email protected]

We are currently collaborating with a highly regarded external provider to offer workshops and training on activating your personal agency in high emotional labour settings for sustained wellbeing. Two pilot sessions are organised for May and June 2021. More information to come!

Additionally, we have two Converge webinars available for CPD. Converge is our Member Support Program, providing fully subsidised assistance and support to all RANZCOG Fellows, SIMGs, Trainees and their immediate families. Find out more about Converge on our Member Support and Wellbeing Hub.

Engaging Your Emotional Intelligence 

Expiry    This webinar link will expire on 2 September 2021

About   Strong emotional intelligence helps us manage stress, communicate effectively, defuse conflict and empathise with others. In this webinar you will learn about the domains of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-management of emotions and awareness of others and managing relationships.  

Having Courageous Conversations

Expiry    This webinar link will expire on 2 August 2021

About   Having difficult conversations are part of life however many of us feel unprepared when having these conversations. In this webinar explore reasons behind our avoidance to tackle difficult interpersonal issues, learn how to use words wisely in difficult conversations and be introduced to a proven script for planning and conducting a difficult conversation.

Submitting CPD

1.    Watch the webinar and receive 1 CPD hour in:
Educational Activity Domain
Online learning/audio/video

2.    Complete the linked reflection form for 0.5 CPD hours in:
Performance Review
Self-evaluation and reflection for any activity

3.    You will be sent an email confirming the webinar you watched and a PDF of your reflection worksheet to be uploaded as evidence when self-recording the activity by logging onto My RANZCOG and selecting the My CPD tab followed by Add an Activity.

To find out more email [email protected] 



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