RANZCOG Wellbeing Advocates 


Establishing a network of local Wellbeing Advocates across Australia and New Zealand has been identified to better communicate RANZCOG wellbeing initiatives and support, provide specific goals for workplaces, and to ensure timely and specific feedback to the Wellbeing Working Group and RANZCOG. The Wellbeing Advocates will be part of a 12-month pilot, after which a review and extension may be endorsed.

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About the Role

Wellbeing Advocates will –

  • Promote and advocate initiatives that proactively support mental health and wellbeing within their workplace
  • Seek feedback from others on actions and processes causing ill-health
  • Provide feedback and communication to the Wellbeing Working Group and RANZCOG staff to review initiatives and implement recommendations to further support members
  • Link trainees and members with relevant college services and staff

About you

Displaying strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills you have an ability to communicate and engage with a range of individuals to build meaningful relationships. With a keen interest in supporting the health and wellbeing of yourself and your colleagues you understand the challenges of a career in medicine and can help advocate avenues of support and suggest ideas to mitigate stressors and concerns.



If applicable, you may apply for up to 20 hours of CPD activity every 12 months for your role as a RANZCOG Wellbeing Advocate. 

Become a Wellbeing Advocate or nominate someone 

Applications will be open from Monday 30 August 2021 and will close Sunday 26 September 2021.


More information

If you would like more information regarding the Wellbeing Advocate role, please email the College Wellbeing Coordinator:

Email[email protected]



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