RANZCOG Blood Drive

For the month of May 2021 we will be running a RANZCOG blood drive. 

Dr Kathryn Saba, who featured in a recent Wellbeing Wednesday post, raised the idea with RANZCOG. Kathy said, “I’ve started giving blood and plasma again at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. I had a few patients recently who needed blood products and this is just another way we can do something positive to help. It’s actually very relaxing sitting in the chair for an hour and you get [chocolates] at the end of it!” 

To receive a donor information pack, please email [email protected]


1. Check your eligibility 
2. Create a donor profile and link this to the RANZCOG team (search RANZCOG under teams)
3. Book a time to donate blood or plasma

New Zealand

1. Check your eligibility 
2. Create a donor profile 
3. Book a time to donate blood or plasma 
4. Sign up to the RANZCOG Team Red (search RANZCOG under teams) 

If you are unable to give blood, here are some other ways you may consider supporting the Australian Red Cross and New Zealand Blood

More information

For questions relating to the Blood Drive, please contact Clare Wells, Wellbeing Coordinator.

Email[email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9114 3939




Dr Jessica Webb

Dr Jessica Webb is a year four FRANZCOG trainee, originally from Lismore, in the Northern Rivers region of far north New South Wales.



Dr Fleur Muirhead

Dr Fleur Muirhead is the elected CWH/DRANZCOG trainee representative on the RANZCOG Trainees’ Committee.



Te Kāhui Oranga ō Nuku welcomes cultural safety report

RANZCOG has welcomed the release of the Cultural safety within vocational medical training report.