Educational Affiliates

Educational Affiliate membership of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) provides an opportunity for International Medical Graduate (IMG) or Area of Need (AoN) practitioners working in the speciality of obstetrics and gynaecology to enhance their knowledge and skills in the pursuit of excellence in women's health.

The regulations that govern this class of membership are contained in RANZCOG Regulation A1.5. Please refer to the RANZCOG Regulations.

For further information on applying to participate in the RANZCOG CPD Program, contact the CPD team at [email protected] or +61 3 9417 1699. 


You may be eligible to apply for Educational Affiliate membership if you are:

  • A registered medical practitioner working as a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology or more broadly in Women's Health in Australia or New Zealand
  • Not a Fellow of RANZCOG
  • Not eligible for Associate Membership

For example, Area of Need (AoN) practitioners in Australia and International Medical Graduates (IMGs) practising in New Zealand under a provisional vocational scope of practice.

Application form

To apply, please complete the Educational Affiliate Membership Application Form (PDF).

Return to Member Services by emailing [email protected], or faxing or posting to College House, along with the required supporting documentation.


Please refer to 'Annual Subscription Educational Affiliates' in the Annual Subscription Fees for current fee pricing information.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The RANZCOG CPD program is designed to facilitate three endeavours: training, continuing education and review. Practice audit and reflection is an important requirement of the program, as O&G specialists are expected to continuously reflect on current practice and implement the necessary changes to improve practice and patient safety. The program offers guidance in planning education pathways and clinical practice improvement best suited to their professional needs and interests.

Contact the College for further information or to apply to participate in the RANZCOG CPD Program.




Working together to act on endometriosis

With new data confirming the prevalence of endometriosis in Australia, RANZCOG's work to develop guidelines to manage this complex disease is well underway.



Bringing together the Pacific family

RANZCOG’s vision in global health is to improve the health of women and their families, particularly in our geographical region.


Women's Health

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Updated advice on timing of Pertussis immunisation in pregnancy in line with the Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition (updated March 2019).