CPD Program for Pacific O&G Specialists


Following the successful completion of the pilot CPD Program for Pacific O&G specialists conducted from 2003-2006, and the adoption of a new RANZCOG Constitution and regulations in 2006/07, the Council of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG), is pleased to offer Associate Membership of RANZCOG to Pacific O&G specialists who are practising unsupervised specialist women’s health services in a Pacific island country (those countries who are members of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health).

Overview of the CPD Program for Pacific O&G specialists

In line with widely held accepted principles of adult learning, the CPD program for Pacific O&G specialists enables Pacific O&G specialists to take responsibility for their own professional development.

The principles of the program encompass the concepts of relevance, accessibility, and affordability. The program has been based on the successful RANZCOG CPD program for RANZCOG Fellows with adaptation to the needs of Pacific practitioners and the environment in which they work.

Participation is compulsory for Associate Members as per RANZCOG Regulation A1.4.5.


Requirements of the program

To comply with requirements for the CPD Program, Pacific O&G specialists record educational activities that they have undertaken each year on an Annual CPD Points Claim form.

The signature and position of a witness, supervisor or meeting organiser is required to claim points for Educator activities, CME Meetings and Practice Review. The program participant’s own signature is required to claim points for Reading and Self Education activities. Relevant Certificates of Attendance for courses and workshops must be enclosed with the Annual CPD Points Claim form. Points need to be claimed points across all four categories: Educator activities, CME meetings, Practice Review and Reading/Self Education (see below).

Please note: Participants are required to claim 150 points over a triennium (3 year period).

RANZCOG will maintain a record of the educational activities that Pacific O&G specialists claim via the Annual CPD Points Claim Forms. RANZCOG will maintain contact with Pacific O&G specialists for discussion on educational activities and may offer suggestions about other educational activities available regionally or through IT (email and internet) learning. Opportunities for professional development will be advertised to Pacific O&G specialist via email and other mediums.

What is a CPD Point?

The time spent undertaking educational activities is recorded as CPD points. One CPD point is awarded for each hour that the participant spends in educational activities.


  • 5 hours spend attending an educational meeting = 5 CPD points in the category of “CME Meetings”.
  • 2 hours spent reading scientific journals = 2 CPD points in the category of “Reading and Self Education”

On the Annual CPD Points Claim Form, activities are grouped into the following categories, and activities that earn CPD points are listed under these categories as follows:

  • Educator Activities
    Presentations (preparing and/or giving)
    Publications (writing or editing articles)
    Training Supervision
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) meetings
    O&G meetings
    Training workshops
    Other meetings
  • Practice Review
    Practice review projects
    Develop or review protocols, guidelines, etc
    Attend audit meetings
    Practice review visit
    Practice review CDs
  • Reading and Self Education
    Educational CDs
    Further education course
    Reading (ANZJOG, other)

Pacific O&G specialists must obtain points in all of the above four categories, in the educational activities listed.

150 points are required over a triennium (3 year period) and participants will be encouraged to claim some points each year. For example, claiming approximately 50 points per year equates to only one hour spent in educational activities per week. Most practitioners will find that they are easily able to accumulate points by continuing their existing activities and undertaking some new CPD opportunities.

Website resources

Apply for Associate Membership

In this regard Pacific O&G specialists are welcome to apply for Associate Membership by:

  • Submission of a completed and signed Application Form, including documentation as listed
  • Payment of an application fee for Associate Membership

Applications for Associate Membership are assessed by the Asia Pacific Committee RANZCOG, and if approved, forwarded to the College Council for endorsement. Applicants approved for Associate Membership will be issued with an annual subscription notice. Associate Membership will commence from the date that the Associate Membership is approved by Council.

Thereafter the Associate Member will be issued with a Certificate of Associate Membership, and will commence receiving College mailings, including the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and the College’s O&G magazine.

The regulations that govern Associate Membership of RANZCOG are contained in Regulation A1.4 (please refer to the RANZCOG Regulations). As per regulations, Associate Membership is contingent on payment of the required College Annual Subscription, satisfactory participation in the RANZCOG CPD Program for Pacific O&G specialists, and residence in a Pacific Island Country.

Submit application forms

Queries about completion of the Annual CPD Points Claim Form and whether an activity is eligible to earn points can be directed to:

Carolyn Poljski
Senior Co-ordinator, Global Health Unit

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 9412 2983
Fax: +61 3 9419 0672
Post: RANZCOG, 254-260 Albert Street
East Melbourne VIC 3002



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