RANZCOG Meeting & Workshop Accreditation

All applications for accreditation of Meetings and Workshops will be considered for CPD hours.

Please see further information below, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to CPD staff.


CPD Accreditation Documents


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for RANZCOG accreditation?

To be approved for CPD hours, the session must constitute a minimum of 50% obstetrics and gynaecology content.

What documentation do I need to supply when applying for meeting/workshop accreditation?


  • A completed Application for Meeting/Workshop Accreditation form (see Documents above)
  • A copy of the scientific program which must include the names of speakers, topics and time schedules for each session (including lunch and a finishing time for each day)

  • For recurring events a list of proposed dates and locations must be provided

Do I have to apply for accreditation prior to the meeting/workshop?

Yes, you must apply a minimum of 21 days before the meeting/workshop commences. Accreditation will not be provided retrospectively.

How many CPD hours will be allocated to the meeting/workshop?

This will depend on the length of the meeting/workshop. Meetings/Wokshops will be accredited for the total amount of hours of educational content. All scheduled welcomes. breaks and social events will be excluded from the total amount of hours accredited. 

What type of CPD hours will be allocated to the meeting/workshop?

All Meetings/Workshops will be accredited under the Educational Activities domain in the RANZCOG CPD framework. 


Advertising Your Meeting or Workshop 


Do I need to obtain RANZCOG accreditation before the meeting can be advertised by RANZCOG?

Yes, a meeting or workshop must be accredited to be included on the RANZCOG Events page.

Will RANZCOG advertise details of my meeting?

Yes, if your meeting/workshop accreditation application is successful you will be sent a private link to sumbit your event details to be advertised on the RANZCOG Events page.

How early can I have meeting/workshop details included on the Events Calendar?

As soon as your meeting/workshop has been sucessfully accredited your event details can be included on the RANZCOG Events Page


What happens after the meeting/workshop is accredited by RANZCOG?

You will receive a letter from the RANZCOG CPD department informing you of your successful application and the amount of CPD hours Fellows can claim for attending your meeting/workshop. You must provide all RANZCOG participants with an attendance certificate detailing the hours allocated to the meeting/workshop.

More information

For further information please contact the CPD team:

Phone +61 3 9417 1699
Email [email protected]



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