Retirement from Practice


Planning your path to retirement provides you with the opportunity to decide how you would like to conclude your career in O&G. Preparing in advance and knowing your options can help you to confidently undertake this often challenging process.

Interested in your retirement options? Use the information below to assist your transition from active clinical practice to retirement.

Retirement Options


Become a Semi-Retired Fellow

In recognition of the skills and knowledge that senior Fellows possess and to encourage continued involvement in medical education, surgical assisting and other relevant areas through a reduced scope of practice, the College has introduced a membership category of Semi-Retired Fellow.

This category of membership offers a reduced annual subscription of 50% for Fellows approaching the end of their career. You may be eligible for semi-retired status if you meet the following criteria:

  • are a current financial member of RANZCOG
  • earn an annual, pre-tax medical income of not more than AUD$80,000 (or equivalent)
  • are actively practising as a Fellow of RANZCOG (see College Statement for exceptions)

Semi-Retired Fellows are held to the same CPD requirements as Fellows and must complete their Annual Renewal.

How to apply

Fellows wishing to access the Semi-Retired Fellow subscription rate can refer to the College Statement on Semi-Retired RANZCOG Fellow (WPI 24) for details of the scope of practice and declaration form.

Semi-Retired RANZCOG Fellow (WPI 24) (PDF)

To apply, complete the declaration form and return via email to: [email protected]. Following acceptance of the declaration, a confirmation of the subscription to be paid will then be forwarded to you.

Retire From Active Clinical Practice

You may be eligible to become a retired Fellow if you are completely and permanently retired from practice as a specialist obstetrician and/or gynaecologist and no longer acting as an expert witness in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, except in:

  • cases for which you have already provided an opinion prior to the date of signing this Confirmation of Retirement; and
  • cases which deal with medical practices current during any time you were in active practice as a specialist obstetrician and/or gynaecologist and prior to signing the Confirmation of Retirement

As a Retired Fellows, you are no longer required complete CPD or their Annual Renewal.

Retired Fellows may use the post-nominal: FRANZCOG (ret)

How to apply

If you wish to become a Retired Fellow, please download the Confirmation of Retirement form (PDF) and return it via email to Membership: [email protected].

Steps to Complete Your Retirement

There are several steps required for you to complete your retirement:

Stay Engaged

Continue to stay up to date in women’s health as a Retired Fellow with RANZCOG’s new and publications.
As a Retired Fellow you will still receive the following from the College:

  • O&G (4 issues per year)

  • ANZJOG (6 issues per year)

  • Collegiate (fortnightly e-newsletter)

  • Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research - the AOFOG journal (if you have elected to receive this)


Mental Health and Wellbeing through Retirement

It’s more important than ever to look after your health and wellbeing. Transitioning to retirement can be a difficult process and you may benefit from additional support.

For many doctors, retiring can be challenging. Difficulties when considering retirement may include ongoing financial commitments, a loss of identity, or a concern about a lack on intellectual stimulation. 

Visit the Resource Hub for further information and external support.



The RANZCOG re-entry and retraining programs have been developed to assist Fellows who wish to return to active practice following a prolonged absence or who require retraining. The requirements for returning to practice include:

  • Catch up of missed CPD

  • Repay missing years of Annual Renewal Fees

  • Obtain specialist registration from the Australian Medical Board / New Zealand Medical Council

For more information see our Re-entry to Practice and Retraining Policy.



For further information relating to Semi-Retired Fellow memberships:

Contact Eleanor Donlon
Phone +61 3 9114 3960‬
Email [email protected]

For further information relating to Retired Fellow memberships:

Contact Member Services
Phone +61 3 9417 1699
Email [email protected]

For further information relating to the CPD program:

Contact CPD staff
Phone +61 3 9417 1699
Email [email protected]





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