The Professional Development Plan and Annual Conversation

The Professional Development Plan (PDP)

A PDP allows for the documentation of goals, required for skill and competency development, and objectives needed to accomplish goals in order to support continuous improvement and career development.
In other words it’s a projected yearly plan of your requirements for ongoing professional development, based on reflection of your current practice and educational needs. The PDP will be an annual mandatory requirement for the RANZCOG CPD Program from 1 July 2023.
You may wish to use the RANZCOG Templated PDP Plan (.DOCX) to help with your planned professional development.

Things to consider when planning your professional development:

  1. Learning needs analysis
    • Identify what areas in your scope of practice may require improvement.
    • This is your self-evaluation.
    • Clearly set your goal.  You may wish to consider using SMART goals:
            SMART Goals are:
                     Time Bound
  1. Identify activities to promote
             Select activities that will aid in achieving your goals.
  1. Complete your activities.
             Remember, activities may be recorded as part of your required CPD hours as per the
             RANZCOG CPD Framework.
  1. Reflect on your yearly learnings

              By reflecting on your learnings through activities achieved you have the opportunity
              to reflect on learning and record your progress.
              There are many approaches to developing and documenting a professional
              development plan. If you already have a plan and your documentation uses the
              identified steps above, you may submit yearly to RANZCOG CPD. 
              Alternatively, you can use the RANZCOG Templated PDP Plan (.DOCX).
             When completed, upload to your CPD Portal.
             For additional information, please see the RANZCOG Guide to CPD [link to guide]

Annual Conversation

From 1st July 2022, New Zealand Fellows and members will be required to undertake a structured conversation, at least annually, with a peer, colleague or employer about their clinical practice. The intent of this activity is to provide time for the Fellow/member to reflect on their development needs, their goals for learning and professional activities and their intentions for the next year.  It provides an opportunity to receive constructive feedback and share best practice. It may also give doctors the opportunity to explore their satisfaction in their current role, self-care and any health and wellbeing issues so they are able to adjust their practice accordingly, set performance targets for the future and consider longer term.

More information

For further information please contact the CPD team:

Phone +61 3 9412 2967
Email [email protected]



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