CPD Program from 1 July 2022



New changes to the RANZCOG CPD program will come into effect from 1st July 2022 to align with updated Medical Board Australia (MBA) CPD Registration Standards and Medical Council New Zealand (MCNZ) Recertification Requirements.  Some of these requirements have already been implemented to the current Triennium CPD program.

Change from a Triennium to an annual CPD Program

In July 2022, the RANZCOG CPD program will move from a Triennium to an Annual CPD Program.

Fellows and members will be required to record a minimum of 50 CPD hours each year, across the three domains, as outlined in the table below.

Total (hours) Educational Activities (EA) Outcome Measurement (OM)* Performance Review (PR)* Remaining OM/PR* Remaining Hours
50 13 5 5 16 11

*It has been recognized by the MBA that achieving maximum hours under the OM domain is problematic for some doctors and has therefore introduced a revised allocation of hours for OM and PR that will require a minimum of 50% (25 hours) across both domains with a minimum of 5 hours within each.

Professional Development Plan (PDP)

The PDP is a planning tool to guide Fellows and members future CPD throughout their career and can be used to identify development needs both personally and professionally and help guide changes for improving own health and wellbeing. 

A Professional Development Plan can include the following:
  • Learning needs - A self-assessment of your practice and previous CPD activities at the end of each year. Your learning needs may span over more than one year, and you can then set your goals below to help you plan towards this.
  • Learning Goals – Goals you have identified to help maintain, add value and/or extend your scope of practice)
  • CPD activities: - Opportunities, and/or resources you have identified to help you achieve your learning goal(s). The  CPD Framework can help you plan your activities.
  • Reflection:  - An opportunity to reflect on progress of achieving your learning goals and whether any new learning opportunities have been identified for improvement, e.g. result in personal changes, your practice and/or improve patient outcomes). This also helps with planning your professional development plan for the following year.
Completion of the PDP will be a mandatory annual requirement from 1st July 2022.  A RANZCOG PDP template is in development, however Fellows my also choose to upload their own PDP.

The Annual conversation

From 1st July 2022, for New Zealand Fellows and members it will be mandatory to undertake a structured conversation, at least annually, with a peer, colleague or employer about their clinical practice. The intent of this activity is to provide time for the Fellow/member to reflect on their development needs, their goals for learning and professional activities and their intentions for the next year (PDP). It provides an opportunity to receive constructive feedback and share best practice.   

It is expected that a declaration of the annual conversation taking place will be included with the PDP (as outline above) that will require the name and contact detail of the person with whom the Annual Conversation took place.
The Annual Conversation will also be available as an optional activity for Australian Fellows/members.

CPD Requirements for Subspecialists

Within the 150 CPD hours required every 3 years for the current triennium (2019-2022), all subspecialists must ensure a minimum of 100 of those hours are specific to their subspecialty scope of practice. 

For the new annual CPD program, of the 50 hours required every year, the minimum subspecialty-specific hours are yet to be approved; it is expected to be around 35 hours a year.

Gynecological Oncology (CGO) 

Participation in multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings is mandatory for all CGO subspecialists. From 1 July 2022, CGO subspecialists will be required to participate in a minimum of 20 hours of  MDT meetings a year.

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) and Urogynaecology (CU)

CREI and CU subspecialists are currently required to complete a subspeciality checklist every triennium. For the annual CPD program it is proposed to embed the key areas from the checklist to the professional development plan. Further discussions are currently in progress with both Subspecialty Committees.

Mandatory reporting for CPD non-compliance


Following implementation of the revised CPD Standard and Recertification requirements, both MBA and MCNZ will require annual reporting for CPD non-compliance. Further information regarding processes for reporting of non-compliance is forthcoming, and it has been well documented with both regulatory bodies that any annual reporting of non-compliance must align to Colleges’ internal processes for supporting overdue fellows. Fellows and members will continue to receive the support of the CPD department at the end of cycle to help meet requirements.

The current overdue fellow processes are also under review in readiness for the new CPD annual program.

Upgraded CPD Platform


As part of the current Integrate project (replacing my.RANZCOG), a new CPD platform will be available from 1 July 2022 that will have a similar look to the current CPD platform, but with improved functionality.

Scoping is currently in progress and we will have a prototype ready soon. If you would like to be involved in testing and providing feedback on the prototype, please email [email protected].


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