Continuing Professional Development (CPD) FAQs


Why has RANZCOG moved to an annual CPD cycle?

The RANZCOG CPD program has moved to an annual cycle, to bring the program into alignment with changes to CPD Registration Standards in Australia (MBA), and Recertification Requirements in Aotearoa New Zealand (MCNZ).

Key dates in the transition are as follows:

Transitional cycle
(18 months)
1 July 2022 to 31 December 2023To enable understanding of the new CPD requirements and meet new mandatory CPD requirements
Annual cycle1 January to 31 December each year
(commencing in 2024)
To bring the CPD program into a calendar-year cycle

What is the professional development plan (PDP)?

The PDP is a plan of your development requirements based on reflection of your practice and assessment of your skills, knowledge and educational needs.

All CPD program participants (including those in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand) must complete a PDP, under the Performance Review (PR) domain, every CPD cycle.

What is the annual conversation?

The annual structured conversation is a reflective practice activity that provides an opportunity for you to:

reflect on your development needs

set goals and performance targets for learning and professional activities

receive constructive feedback and share best practice

explore satisfaction, self-care, and health and wellbeing issues

make practice adjustments and consider the longer-term

All CPD program participants in Aotearoa New Zealand must complete an annual structured conversation, every CPD cycle.

Program participants in Australia may also choose to complete an annual structured conversation; however, this is not a mandatory requirement.

What is a specialist high-level CPD requirement?

Specialist medical colleges can propose ‘high-level CPD requirements’ that must be offered by the different CPD Homes. The purpose of these subspecialty-specific requirements is to ensure consistency across CPD programs.

A high-level CPD requirement can be any activity from the Education Activities (EA), Outcome Measurement (OM) or Performance Review domains. All medical professionals with specialist registration in Australia must meet any relevant high-level CPD requirements.

Please note that RANZCOG has not specified any specialist high-level CPD requirements for the 2023 and 2024 CPD cycles.

What are the three domains of the CPD framework?

The three CPD domains of the RANZCOG CPD framework are: Educational Activities (EA), Outcome Measurement (OM) and Performance Review (PR).

EAIncludes structured learning, self-directed learning, education events, involvement in leadership roles, RANZCOG activities
OMIncludes measurement of outcomes of care, benchmarking of performance with peers, reflecting on patient outcomes

Can also include clinical audits, writing guidelines/statements, publishing articles, assessing incident reports, research
PRIncludes reviewing and reflecting on actual work processes and can include feedback from peers, colleagues and patients, peer review and discussions

Can also include reflecting on an activity, including contributions to personal development and improvements to scope of practice

How do I claim CPD hours under the Outcome Measurement (OM) and Performance Review (PR) domains?

Each CPD cycle, you’re required to record a minimum of 50 CPD hours across three domains, as outlined in the table below.

Educational Activities (EA)13
Outcome Measurement (OM)5
Performance Review (PR)5
Remaining hours across OM/PR16
Remaining hours across any domain (EA/OM/PR) 11
Total hours50

Please click the button below to explore RANZCOG CPD Framework, which outlines the types of activities that fall under each domain.

Alternatively, if you’re experiencing difficulties in meeting your CPD requirements, our CPD team may be able to assist in identifying activities that fall under the OM and PR domains.

How can I show evidence of my CPD enrolment or completion?

If you need to provide evidence of enrolment or completion in relation to the RANZCOG CPD program, the documents listed below are available to download via Integrate.

Alternatively, please contact the College if you require assistance with your CPD documentation.

CPD Online support: cpd@ranzcog.edu.au

Compliance statements: membership@ranzcog.edu.au or +613 9412 2908.

Letter of completion

Confirms your status with the College and registration in the RANZCOG CPD program

Does not provide evidence that you’re meeting your CPD requirements

Statement of hours

Summarises the number of CPD hours you’ve completed in the current cycle

Provides information on whether you’re on track to meet your CPD requirements

Compliance statement

Formal confirmation that you’ve met all requirements for the most recent CPD cycle

Available to download at the end of the CPD cycle

How can I track and document my CPD activities?

For every logged CPD activity, the College recommends uploading evidence of participation to your Integrate profile.

At the end of each CPD cycle, the College conducts a random check of five per cent of the CPD program to verify CPD hours claimed. If selected for a verification check, your evidence of participation may include the following documentation:

RANZCOG worksheets and templatesConference invitations, invoices or brochures
Certificates of attendanceAgendas/programs
Signed letters from meeting organisers or Heads of DepartmentAny documentation with identifying patient information
Log of medical journals/articles readDiary entries

Please visit Integrate to browse our collection of worksheets and templates for documenting your CPD activities — click the menu button in the top left corner and then select ‘Resources’.


When does my enrolment in the CPD program begin?

The College will automatically enrol you in the RANZCOG CPD program from the date of your elevation to Fellowship. Please note that our CPD team is unable to change this start date and you must participate in the CPD program.

How do I get a copy of my Fellowship certificate?

Please contact the Membership team via:

Phone: +613 9412 2908

What are my CPD requirements if I move overseas?

If you’re a Fellow working overseas (outside Australia or Aotearoa New Zealand), you have the option to:

continue participating in the RANZCOG CPD program, or

enrol in a recognised international CPD program (instead of the RANZCOG CPD program)

If you opt to participate in an international CPD program, you may be eligible for a 50 per cent reduction in your annual subscription fee.

Please follow the links below for more information relating to CPD for overseas Fellows.

What are my CPD requirements as a part-time or semi-retired Fellow?

As stipulated by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), all part-time and semi-retired Fellows (including those only undertaking occasional locum work) must complete the same number of CPD hours as full-time Fellows. As a result, the College is unable to grant any concessions.

However, please note that semi-retired Fellows may be eligible for a reduction in annual fees. Please follow the link below for more information.

Please also note that our CPD team may be able to assist you with identifying suitable activities, if you’re experiencing difficulties in meeting your CPD requirements.

What are my CPD requirements as Fellow working as a locum or in private practice?

As above for part-time and semi-retired Fellows — the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) stipulate that Fellows working as a locum and/or in private practice must complete the same number of CPD hours as full-time Fellows. As a result, the College is unable to grant any concessions.

Please note that our CPD team may be able to assist you with identifying suitable activities, if you’re experiencing difficulties in meeting your CPD requirements.

What are my CPD requirements as a retired Fellow returning to practice?

If you’re a retired Fellow returning to practice, you must comply with all CPD requirements that were in place at the time of your retirement.

Please follow the link below for more information on re-entry to practice and retraining.


What activities count towards my subspecialty component?

At least 35 of your 50 CPD hours must be specific to your subspecialist scope of practice.

When logging your CPD hours, please indicate when an activity relates to your subspecialty scope of practice, and this activity will be counted towards your subspecialty component.

Additional requirements according to subspecialty include:

Gynaecological Oncology (CGO) —participation in at least 20 hours of multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings each cycle.

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) and Urogynaecology (CU) — inclusion of at least one goal in your professional development plan (PDP) from one of the following areas:

Education and Training




If your can’t find your question in our FAQs, please get in touch with the CPD team:

Email: cpd@ranzcog.edu.au