COVID-19 Hospital Accreditation

COVID-19: Hospital Accreditation FAQs

Updated 24 March 2021

Our site is due for an accreditation visit. What do we do next?

Sites due for a visit will be contacted by RANZCOG’s accreditation team to discuss next steps. Accreditation may be extended, or a virtual accreditation visit/meeting prioritised on an as-needs basis. All accreditation visits will be undertaken virtually in 2021. 

I am a training supervisor and my unit is experiencing some issues, can I request a ‘virtual’ visit?

Training Supervisors should contact their State/Territtory/NZ office in the first instance, or the accreditation team in needed:

My hospital is not due an accreditation visit, but we have a progress report due. Have the processes for progress reports been impacted by COVID-19?

No, the progress report process will ideally continue as normal but hospitals should inform the College of challenges they forsee and we will accommodate requests.

What is a ‘virtual’ visit?

A ‘virtual’ accreditation visit will encompass the use of the use of Zoom web conferencing to interview trainees, training supervisors, consultant staff and multidisciplinary staff in an O&G Department. Where internet facilities are not available, interviews may be conducted by teleconferencing. The interviewers will include a Lead Fellow, a Trainee Representative and a member of the Accreditation Unit at RANZCOG.