Updated 24 January 2022

COVID-19 Impact for FRANZCOG Training

24 January 2022

With the ongoing COVID19 restrictions across Australia and New Zealand it has been noted that FRANZCOG trainees’ ability to meet the training requirements within the standard timeframes may continue to be adversely impacted

RANZCOG acknowledges that the content of training may be altered in the current training environment. Many sites may see a reduction in elective procedures; however, there is an expectation that training in obstetrics and emergency gynaecology will continue unaffected.

In light of these circumstances the College has decided to continue a number of flexible training arrangements into the 2022 training year. Read more in the FAQs section further down this page.

Trainees can be reassured that the College is putting in place mechanisms to ensure disadvantage to trainees is minimised wherever possible in the current circumstances.

Trainees are encouraged to contact their RANZCOG State, Territory and/or New Zealand office where they feel progression may be impacted. Individual circumstances outlined by trainees will be assessed by the Training Accreditation Committee Chair.

For details on any COVID -19 communication and training deadline extensions for the period of March 2020 – March 2021, please contact the


Which due dates have been extended by six-months in 2022?

24 January 2022

A blanket extension has been approved for the following training requirements if the due date falls between: 1 January 2022 and 30 June 2022

  • Assessments of Basic Procedural Skills
  • Assessments of Procedural Surgical Skills (APSSs)
  • Mandatory workshops*
  • In-Hospital Clinical Assessments (IHCAs)
  • Cultural competency education
  • The research project/study

Note 1: *Unconditional extension as it is difficult to determine when face to face workshops will recommence. Trainee will be required to provide evidence of having attempted to enrol for the course.

Note 2: Trainees who have already been given a six month extension under the COVID19 blanket extension before, will not be eligbile for the above blanket extension for the same requirement type.

Any training requirement which has been approved extension must be completed before a trainee can apply for fellowship as per the guidelines stated in the FRANZCOG Training Handbook – Fellowship Elevation section.

Extensions to deadlines will be automatically applied in My.RANZCOG and will be available on the trainee Requirements Summary page.

I am rotating to a new site next semester and there is a mandatory quarantine period in place. Will this impact my training?

24 March 2021

RANZCOG acknowledges that due to COVID-19 some training sites have implemented mandatory quarantine periods for trainees rotating between sites (especially when moving interstate). In most cases the quarantine period is two weeks. The College is conscious that for Basic Trainees this may impact the ability to meet minimum mandatory requirements e.g. 23 weeks of rural training. 

Trainees are reassured that the College has put in place arrangements to minimise any disadvantage of changed training conditions due to COVID-19. Penalties will not be applied where mandatory requirements have been impacted due to a period(s) of quarantine. Individual trainee circumstances will be addressed by the relevant State/Territory/New Zealand Training Accreditation Committee (TAC). 

Trainees are reminded that RANZCOG cannot influence employment matters. Contracts and employment are a matter between the trainee and training site. 

Please direct queries to the relevant State/Territory/New Zealand office.

What happens if I’m due to progress into Advanced Training but have not met all Basic Training requirements due to the impact of COVID-19?

24 January 2022

With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions across Australia and New Zealand it has been noted that FRANZCOG trainees’ ability to meet the training requirements within the standard timeframes may continue to be adversely impacted. Hence amendments made in March 2021 as per the COVID19 contingency plan for commencing Advanced Training will be applicable as below for positions in the 2022 training year:

  • Basic Trainees may be approved to commence Advanced Training for a period of no longer than six-months upon completing 184 weeks of satisfactory, prospectively approved Basic Training; and,
    • successfully passed the FRANZCOG Written Examination; and,
    • completion of at least 50% of all required APSSs; and

Failure to complete outstanding requirements within the first six-months of Advanced Training will result in no further Advanced Training being approved.

  • Basic Trainees may not be approved to commence Advanced Training with:
    • less than 184 of satisfactory, prospectively approved weeks Basic Training; and,
    • failure to pass the FRANZCOG Written Examination.

Individual circumstances will be addressed on merit via application to the relevant State/Territory/New Zealand Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) Chair.

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