RANZCOG Webcasts

As we increasingly move into digital working spaces during the global COVID-19 pandemic, RANZCOG is responding by delivering information and support through webcast presentations.

Members, trainees and the public can use this page to find out about our webcast resources.

Follow us on Facebook to be notified of upcoming webinars, and catch up on past session recordings below. Aditionally, members and trainees will be notified of upcoming sessions via our menber-only newsletter, Connect.


Past session recordings

For the public:
Menopause: Sexuality in later life webinar
Date: Wednesday 13 October 2021
Miscarriage webinar
Date: Wednesday 29 September 2021
Pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccination webinar
Date: Wednesday 15 September 2021
COVID vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women webinar
Date: Wednesday 10 March 2021
International Women's Day webinar
Date: Thursday 4 March 2021
Menstrual Disorders: What you Need to Know 
Date: Thursday 26 November 2020
Menopause: Busting the Myths
Date: Wednesday 21 October 2020
Fireside Chat with O&G Doctors: Coronavirus and pregnancy during the pandemic
Date: Tuesday 18 August 2020
Hearing Unheard Voices: Women's Health Week 2020
Date: Tuesday 11 August 2020

For members and trainees:
Pacific Islander Mental Health webinar
Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021
RANZCOG Women's Health Week 2021 Morning Tea
Date: Wednesday 8 September 2021
The Juggle: Wellbeing and O&G
Date: Saturday 31 July 2021
Preparing for Examinations
Date: Tuesday 17 November 2020
Wellbeing, mental health, burnout and Covid-19
Date: Tuesday 17 November 2020




Australia Day 2022 Honours

RANZCOG congratulates our members who have been recognised in the 2022 Australia Day Honours List.



Get vaccinated or boosted now

The Australian College of Midwives and the Royal Australian and RANZCOG have reiterated the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.



RANZCOG reiterates advice on COVID-19 vaccination

RANZCOG has reiterated the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.