The Anatomy of Complications Workshop (Singapore)

The Anatomy of Complications Workshop aims to improve the performance of specialist obstetricians and gynaecologists in the area of prevention and management of complications in obstetrical and gynaecological surgery.

This 2 day programme is an intensive, hands on, practical learning experience that was conceived and developed in October 2000 by gynaecologist oncologist Ian Hammond and urologist John Taylor in Perth when they recognised that their specialist colleagues in obstetrics and gynaecology were not always comfortable in dealing with inadvertent injury to urological, gastrointestinal and major vascular structures.

The main objective of the workshop is to develop skills and improve surgical practice. This is an intensive practical surgical procedure workshop where participants will acquire a new range of surgical solutions. The intention is to develop a better understanding of the surgical principles, approach and techniques relevant to bowel, urological and vascular repair. The workshop is demanding and there will be 6 facilitators and 12 participants at each session.

Participants will work in pairs are rotated at each session to allow for maximal interaction. The program has been structure in a graduated fashion starting with clinically relevant surgical anatomy, moving to surgical procedures and then further practice of procedure in the animal laboratory. The final session allows for a stimulating interaction between the participants and faculty that helps us all to understand how best to manage and avoid the complications which occur as part of our routine practice in obstetrics and gyanecology.

Delivery mode: In person
Location: Advanced Surgery Training Centre (ASTC), National University Hospital, Singapore

Contact: Blyss Kwong

CPD hours: This event is approved for 14.5 CPD hours, including 9.5 hours under ‘Educational Activities’, and 5 hours under ‘Performance Review’.