Non-RANZCOG Members

Please note: RANZCOG does not provide training or credentialing for non-RANZCOG members to perform colposcopy in any capacity; diagnostic or otherwise. Credentialing should be done locally. C-QuIP is quality assurance program and not a formal qualification.

RANZCOG C-QuIP Certification Requirements

New Applicants (Diagnostic):

  1. Complete the appropriate Colposcopy Online Learning Program (COLP) within 12 months prior to application for C-QuIP certification.
  2. Provide proof of attendance at an approved Colposcopy Course in the last three years prior to applying for certification.
  3. Complete a Logbook of 100 colposcopic examinations, 50 of which must be new cases.
  4. Provide a letter of competency signed off by their training supervisor.

New Applicants (Therapeutic):

  1. To be certified as a treating colposcopist, New Applicants should provide evidence of 15 treatments in the preceding three years that have been supervised by a C-QuIP certified practitioner. All treatments must be logged with histology. A treating colposcopist should aim to have histological evidence of high grade changes (punch biopsy and/or loop specimen) in 80% of cases. 
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