Summary: All Fellows, Members and trainees of the Royal Australian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists resident in Australia (n = 1,281) received a questionnaire relating to their practice of prescribing antenatal corticosteroids. 833 (65%) responded. The key findings were that 97% of Australian obstetricians prescribe antenatal corticosteroids in the classical setting of uncomplicated early preterm labour and 85% prescribe repeated courses in those cases in which the risk of preterm birth persists or recurs; 50% of obstetricians prescribe this agent weekly in cases with persisting risk of preterm birth. Some of the prescribing practices were found to be related to the number of years since obtaining specialist qualification. In view of the widespread clinical use of repeated doses of corticosteroids revealed in this present survey, it is clear that further research is warranted to determine the possible benefits and hazards of repeated exposures of the developing fetus to this therapy.