Background: Post‐partum haemorrhage (PPH) is a major complication of delivery. Hysterectomy is commonly performed when medical treatment of PPH fails. We assessed the effectiveness of Bakri balloon tamponade, a non‐surgical technique in the management of PPH.
Aim(s): Our objective is to report our experience in the use of Bakri balloon in treating PPH.
Method: A retrospective study of 15 patients who underwent Bakri balloon insertion after unsuccessful medical management of PPH.
Results: Fifteen cases of PPH were managed with Bakri balloon insertion. It was effective in all cases of PPH after vaginal delivery and in four cases of caesarean section; the overall effectiveness was 80%.
Conclusion: Insertion of Bakri balloon is a simple alternative procedure in the management of PPH. It should be consider before any further surgical intervention including hysterectomy. Junior doctors and midwives can effectively apply it. It can be used during transfer or while waiting for a surgical procedure to reduce blood loss.