Summary: In 4 cases, the clinical presentation of urethral diverticulum (UD) during pregnancy was a paraurethral mass (3), urinary incontinence (2), irritative symptoms (2), urinary tract infection (1), urethral pain and discharge (1) and voiding difficulty (1). The diagnosis of UD during pregnancy was made by trans vaginal ultrasonography (2), cystoscopy (1), and after pregnancy by a voiding cystourethrogram (1). Management during pregnancy involved antibiotics (2), diverticulum aspiration (2) and incision and drainage (1). Delivery was by the vaginal route in 2 women with diverticular aspiration being performed during the second stage to aid delivery in 1 woman. Caesarean section was performed in the other 2 women for reasons unrelated to the presence of the UD. Three women had diverticulectomy performed following pregnancy for persisting symptoms. Although uncommon, it is important to diagnose urethral diverticula given the associated morbidity and the potential for causing complications during pregnancy.